MMA program by Burton Richardson designed especially for the needs of Law Enforcement Officers. Assisted by Creighton Hatico and Scott Ishihara.
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25 Responses to “Defensive Tactics – MMA for LEOs”

BurtonRichardson November 18, 2010

@josma1 Actually, if the LEO is commanding a person to stop resisting, and they don’t stop, the officer is justified in using greater force.

BurtonRichardson November 18, 2010

@diamondcalves I train the men and women who will show up at your house and put their lives on the line to protect you if thugs invade your home.

diamondcalves November 18, 2010

You spill tactics to bullie scum?

he77b3nt November 18, 2010

@LuqmanNaq yes, it’s that bad, just do a search of “racists and mma”

KillerSalmon November 18, 2010

Nice Uchi-mata from the spin from the hands on the wall position.

IronMongoose1 November 18, 2010

How is this scare tactics? EVERYONE who markets ANY training, first describes the problem that the program is purposed to address. That’s all he’s done here.

BurtonRichardson November 18, 2010

Here in Hawaii we have seen many, many more people trying to fight police instead of just bolting and running like before. Pre-contact is verbal judo with postural adjustments.

LuqmanNaq November 18, 2010

That’s true, I made a rash comment. The foundation simply seems to be MMA training with the offensive aspects removed and with some weapons training. I’m looking to get back into security so was looking for some ‘programs’… Would love to see the statistics or testimony about LEO’s being attacked by trained people (seriously)… What’s your pre-contact stuff like is it similar to the SPEAR or ‘The fence’

BurtonRichardson November 18, 2010

You don’t learn how to defend against strikes, gun grabs, and chokes in freestyle wrestling.

BurtonRichardson November 18, 2010


LuqmanNaq November 18, 2010

Is it really that bad out there, regarding trained thugs?

LuqmanNaq November 18, 2010

Just from watching the video seems like you really just need to learn freestyle wrestling???

BurtonRichardson November 18, 2010

I don’t understand how you find this video a “scare” tactic. It is just good, solid, truthful information. And yes of course, we apply the use of force continuum.

RICH4NURICHE November 18, 2010

Yes, my LE friends and i are training for those types already. It’s just that your video seems to come across using scare tactics and it is felt that that is one thing they don’t need. Does your program only address the MMA area or does it go further into the use of force continuum?

BurtonRichardson November 18, 2010

Not a scare tactic to drum up business, but a wake-up call to make sure that our officers are ahead of the game. Ask you LE friends if they are worried about facing an MMA trained thug and see what they say. At a large LE convention last year, I had a great many officers and trainers tell me of their concern. Officers do have to train, but specifically within the parameters of the law, while dealing with an MMA type attacker.

RICH4NURICHE November 18, 2010

Burton, you made some good points about the need to train for the types that are out there. I have discussed this and passed this on to LEO’s i train with and they feel that you might be using a scare tactic approach in your marketing effort. Was that your intention? One thing brought up was that officer’s just need to get up and train at the least.

BurtonRichardson November 18, 2010

That is exactly the problem in thinking- many bad guys are now trained, so they are not “regular” guys. They can take down bigger, stronger officers. Must train to deal with that!

JaktFibaz November 18, 2010

dude looks way to strong for a regular guy to take down

BurtonRichardson November 18, 2010

Thank you.

virlegis November 18, 2010

Great stuff – although I have a PFS background I have always loved Burton’s stuff, and this is a testament to the ever evolving principle of JKD that Burton embodies. Awesome job!!

Godsmasher22 November 18, 2010

Owned at 2:30. That was a skilled perp!

hppop1 November 18, 2010

its very cool

mmaguy2008 November 18, 2010

Right on. I have been training with Burton for about 3 years now. He knows his shit. Any cop who plans on staying alive in his job better get into this stuff quick.

BurtonRichardson November 18, 2010

Thanks for the comment. That is my aim, to make functional, LEO specific training available to the men and women who are on the front lines protecting us. The actual program will be out next year. Thanks

jspotts2000 November 18, 2010

One great thing about this is you see it in action. Burton and his students show you it works with resistance. Too many martial arts taught to law enforcement these days are static patterns with no little if any resistance and can be rather complex. Burton does a great job in helping law enforcement protect themselves when things go bad on the street.

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