A Fox Chicago newscast about a karate instructor who knocks people out without even touching them. Notice that Stephan Bonnar is one of the Carlson Gracie jiu-jitsu students who is apparently immune to the deadly technique.

Stephan Kesting from www.grapplearts.tv teaches the two worst techniques he’s ever seen in his 30 years of martial arts training
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58 Responses to “Martial Arts Death Touch”

DHRDM November 14, 2010

should be kidding me jajajajajjajajajajajjajajajja!

Sancria November 14, 2010

dxmakina is right. After he dispatched the sentries I took out the guard house with a low powered kamehameha.

dxmakina November 14, 2010

the knife techniques works. i’ve already killed 2 sentries like that when i had to retrieve the dragon scrolls from the jade emperor. nice try kesting, but us ninjas are a skilled bunch.

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