A Fox Chicago newscast about a karate instructor who knocks people out without even touching them. Notice that Stephan Bonnar is one of the Carlson Gracie jiu-jitsu students who is apparently immune to the deadly technique.

Stephan Kesting from www.grapplearts.tv teaches the two worst techniques he’s ever seen in his 30 years of martial arts training
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58 Responses to “Martial Arts Death Touch”

Brackhmmarr November 13, 2010

So dumbass wtf

seysssibabeee891000 November 13, 2010

cooles video schnüffel gibts den keinen hier der mit mir chatten mag bin so gelangweilt

smittee666 November 13, 2010

UFC Stefan Bonner at 3:33

thc2468 November 13, 2010

@beast11121 no , its definatly fake and gay . like dbz .

logan1119992 November 13, 2010

@DayLight95 stupid

Yeungster23 November 13, 2010

“Death Touch”? what is this, Kobra Kai?

4dizzl3 November 13, 2010


VEVeight November 13, 2010

Or he’s just got REALY bad breath

shatterhandeve November 13, 2010

ok , being a med student i KNOW he is a retarded phony :) )

FreeedFromSweden November 13, 2010

You guys dont get it, it’s obviously some kind of hypnosis that makes the body go into a sudden chock. You can see the same thing when for example a certain priest can make someone in his church faint by simply laying his hand on their head. It makes perfect sense when it only works on those who he has trained with him yet not on some random stranger.

DemonKast November 13, 2010

thumbs up if you tried this shit on yourself.. lol

beast11121 November 13, 2010

real and awsome

DayLight95 November 13, 2010

fake and gay

emactivedotcom November 13, 2010

Seems like he feeds his students donuts

johnnykage November 13, 2010

He said it only works on 40 percent of the population so don’t get attacked by any of the other 60 percent that are immune to it and you are ok

RealStreetFightTips November 13, 2010

look at my martial arts street fights:]

Bacchus411 November 13, 2010

@93KunAguero no it wouldn’t work and we’d be right back where we started!

Bacchus411 November 13, 2010

Here’s what WILL happen… teach young impressionable students that they can use this “touch” to defend themselves, they go out, get into a spot of bother, try teh magic touch… it FAILS BADLY, the kid gets the sh*t kicked out of him, then laughed at. Highly irresponsible instruction

ErtaiXMA November 13, 2010

death touch? they survived… i want my money back!

ThyHoneyNut November 13, 2010

also, the doctor at 2:20 seems like he was hiding something. Like he wasn’t telling the truth, or he noticed a slight change but nothing too dramatic where it could cause something like that. I JUST DO NOT BELIEVE.

ThyHoneyNut November 13, 2010

i think if its not hypnosis on the students, i think its acting. But I don’t think tom cameron tells them to act…I think as a master, they feel bad, like they should feel dizzy or something. I just cannot believe this. I’ve watched Superhumans and this, and it seems like he can only knock his students out; no one else. How convenient.

DonStirFrye November 13, 2010

@TheDarkwolves1 Do you want to invest in a time share in Bagdad?

TheDarkwolves1 November 13, 2010

@TheDarkwolves1 from this i mean that all those people here who dont believe in internal energies is because they havent experienced it. those who have tried to experience do believe. and he had a successful death punch because he may have mastered both art of the punch and his internal energy (chi). learn to interpret things right

DeanPMA November 13, 2010

lol… that is soooo funny… what a scam artist

bankaigenesis28 November 13, 2010


fastnswift November 13, 2010

is this at dynamic mma

ahopele November 13, 2010

@leka1622 bjj works good if ur 1 on 1 with sum 1 and they have no weapon. but yea, i get wat ur sayin. it would be worthless if the guy ur fighting has a weapon. itz still a good martial art though for defending yourself on the ground.

HansPeterWuerst November 13, 2010

wtf?! i your searios?!! omg

leka1622 November 13, 2010

…I mean Bjj would work just as horribly against an attacker with a bat, or a fuckin gun for that matter…or even if the guy you’re fighting with has a buddy or two standing by. Bjj guys talk too much shit and most of the main ones talking have no experience.

GOATyson92XXX November 13, 2010

WT!!! xD

letshavewhat1111 November 13, 2010

looks kinda like karate…

Thisisyourworld November 13, 2010

@censurabass Hahaha Nah i got it.. i was thinking of trying to add a backflip mid-air bat throw while doing the splits into this strategy

cfrancis November 13, 2010

dude i did that 1st move the other day. Worked like a charm…you are stealing techniques from my real life bro

ciberboy78 November 13, 2010

jajajajajjajaa bruto!!!

TheGIJOE96 November 13, 2010

nice one Rex Kwound next time try a Tiger upper cut.

FL1P1N0Y November 13, 2010

The heck. You use your head to block an aluminum bat then you play dead.

censurabass November 13, 2010

@Thisisyourworld After comparing your comment to the three above it, i’ve concluded that you’re the only one who didn’t get the joke =P

PhoenixFrags November 14, 2010

a true ninja would throw the knife into a bush then call upon nature and command a squirrel to back kick it into the sentries chest

gingerzeppelin November 14, 2010

there is no way, even if became a karate master able to punch through boards, that i would ever use my arm to stop a baseball bat LOL

pochazet November 14, 2010

hes just showing the worst techniques hes ever seen right?

dra11987 November 14, 2010

I believe this comes from the Chuck Norris book of self defense.

ThePenguinPulveriz November 14, 2010

can you please take this off youtube…I am worried that the Taliban will see it & use the ninja technique on USA tropps

trickkelly1986 November 14, 2010

the block is called a Jodan block (after its similar appearance to the Jodan Kamae in Japanese fencing). It won’t save you from a baseball bat, however it still bares some relevence today as defense from an overhead knife attack (intercepting the knife hand at the forearm) or hammerfist punches (most likely whilst kneeling). The rest of that, however, just seems silly.

BunnyBUNGALO November 14, 2010

@devourerofbabies lmfao. i cant stop laughing at this.

MrSCPhoenix November 14, 2010

@dxmakina you only got 2 ?? I must have taken out at least 50 during the sneak attack on the sultan of Acklahut.

khairuleven November 14, 2010

bite the balls.

satyrulak November 14, 2010


DHRDM November 14, 2010

should be kidding me jajajajajjajajajajajjajajajja!

Sancria November 14, 2010

dxmakina is right. After he dispatched the sentries I took out the guard house with a low powered kamehameha.

dxmakina November 14, 2010

the knife techniques works. i’ve already killed 2 sentries like that when i had to retrieve the dragon scrolls from the jade emperor. nice try kesting, but us ninjas are a skilled bunch.

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