Common opinion is that it takes decades to learn Kung Fu. Some people even say it takes lifetimes. Using western methods of logic, however, kung fu can be learned in a few months. Easily.


When I first began learning Kung Fu it was in bits and dribbles. This was back in the seventies, and the martial arts were just starting to explode across America. I had to travel many miles just to go to a school, and there was no guarantee that the school I went to would be any good.


One fellow taught me pieces of Wing Chun. Another fellow calimed to be expert in the spear. Normally, however, I would pick up books and videos and try to apply those concepts to my study of Karate.


Eventually, I began learning whole systems, and I found out something interesting…kung fu is a bit of a mish mash. I don’t mean to be insulting, but the whole thing is badly put together. This is because, for thousands of years, the art has been inbreeding.


Using physics and good old western logic, I began taking arts apart and putting them back together. The results were sometimes disastrous, and sometimes incredibly mind blowing. Eventually I formulated a method for this procedure, of analyzing and handling arts, which I called Matrixing.


Using Matrixing, I was analyzing Fut Ga. Fut Ga is one of those basic Shaolin arts with the ancient classical forms, and it had had a long time to get messed up. Inside one fo these ancient forms, however, I came across a unique footwork pattern.


This unique footwork pattern enabled a student to learn how to go forward and backward, and side to side, and introduced the concept of angulation, or angling off to the side during the motion. This was a tremendous breakthrough. This was a basic method which cut through to the heart of the art.


Again, using Matrixing, I analyzed the footwork, and began sorting through every possible usage of the hands. It was simple, and yet comprehensive, and resulted in some very core technqiques. I decided to call this uniquely Shaolin art the Butterfly.


So if you want to learn Kung Fu fast, you need look no further than the Shaolin Butterfly. The Shaolin Butterfly includes the concepts of virtually every kung fu, but it is so logical it literally downloads into the students brain. A student who has decided to learn Shaolin Kung Fu is going to be extremely expert within a few months.

Al Case (sometimes referred to as ‘The Master Founder’) has 40 yrs exp in the martial arts and is a professional writer. He is the discover of matrixing technology and neutronics. He is the webmaster at

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