While hanging a punching bag may seem like common sense to some, there are some important aspects that shouldn’t be overlooked to achieve optimal workout settings and maintain safety.  There’s nothing worse than then having your wall or ceiling come crashing down a day or two after hanging your brand new bag, especially if you happened to be training at the time.

Find a strong support beam that you are sure can more than handle the weight of the bag to accommodate both the bag weight and the extra force due to the bag swinging upon impact.  If you are not sure whether a beam is strong enough to support a bag, do your research first!  Again, if a bag comes crashing down and you are lashed by a chain or hook, you won’t be happy.  Also, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Be sure that the support from which you choose to hang the punching bag is a reasonable place within the room.  If it’s too close to a wall, the bag may swing into the wall, potentially breaking the wall or rebounding unpredictably.  The best place in my opinion is in the middle of a room, or at least six feet to the nearest wall.  This allows the trainer to circle the bag and work on footwork and punches from all angles.

Once you finally have pinpointed where you want to hang the bag, pre-drill a hole in the support and install an eyebolt using a screw driver as a lever to turn the bolt.  Avoid using hooks as punching bags can potentially fall off a hook if struck hard enough.  Last but not least, connect each corner of the bag together with the provided chains and use the S-hook to connect the top of the punching bag chains to the eyebolt.   

If you find you don’t have a good support beam or want a more mobile solution, there are stands available on wheels that are readily mobile.  There are also standing punching bags where the base can be filled with water or sand to provide as much as 300lbs towards a steady base.  While these bags may help save space and take away the hassle of initially mounting a bag, they don’t have the sway and feel that you’d expect from a true hanging bag.  Hope this has helped with your bag setup.  Be safe.  Train hard.

Dave Toub is the owner of Punching Bags Pro and absolutely loves the sport.

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