The truth of the art known as Tai Chi Chuan is inherent in a symbol that nobody understands. If you read to the end of what I have written here you will understand that symbol, and it will enlighten your practice of the martial arts. I am speaking of that grand terminus, the symbol we call yin yang.

The Yin Yang symbol is two fishes swimming is night and day is good and evil is…poppycock. The Yin Yang symbol has nothing to do with those poetic but truncated observations possible to our short lived species. The Ying Yang symbol is actually a quite mechanistic approach and empirical observation to our universe.

Everything in the universe is nothing more than a motor. A motor is defined as tension existing between two objects. Doesn’t matter whether the tension is pull or push, just that the tension exists, and that is what holds our universe together and…keeps it apart.

An atom, with proton and electron, forever chasing and never catching, is but a motor. A cell, with sodium and potassium bubbling their happy little lives away, is but a motor. And this dichotomous viewpoint of the universe can be expanded to include all the combined motors, which are but machines, up to the repulsion and attraction of celestial bodies of the largest and most intense magnitude.

Doing Tai Chi you are pulsing energy up through the legs, across the generator, which is called the Tan Tien, and down the legs. Back and forth goes this alternating current, and the generator bubbles forth its unique energy called chi. Imagine the generator as a little cup of tea, being stirred through gentle motion, not to slosh over the sides, but to be mixed in motorific fashion, just enough to froth up a bit of steamy chi.

As you do Tai Chi you become aware of the space that your body occupies in space, and awareness hollows out the receptacle for this chi. Eventually the golden elixir, summoned far more efficiently and efficaciously than any ancient alchemist might believe, fills the body, becomes responsive to the wish and desire of the student/philosopher. Good health, strength and endurance, mental clarity, all are the product of a body made to function the way it was designed to be functioned.

Animals practice tai chi endlessly in their natural movements, and wonder why we don’t. Babies demonstrate high levels of Tai Chi, and are robbed of it through the cultural expectations which accompany the aging process. And, the space of yourself being realized, you know the answer…who were you before you were born, and who will you be after you die?

I sell nothing by telling you of this, I only search for people who can understand, and give away my knowledge. Can you have what I have said? Can you realize the truth of the eternal you that all love and none see?

Al Case has analyzed the martial arts 4O+ plus+ years. He has written hundreds of articles and had a column in Inside Karate. His work is available in a free ebook at Monster Martial Arts.

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