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Are you looking for the “Holy Trinity of Martial Arts”, the one that everybody wants of … POWER, SUCCESS and REWARDS?…we did at Taekwonjitsu!

The ability to generate UNBELIEVABLE POWER, the inside secrets that make you INCREDIBLEY SUCCESSFUL in every technique or move; and the REWARDS that freedom and confidence can bring through knowledge to both YOUR Personal and Professional life!

Are you nodding your head and saying YES and also wondering how you get your hands on this; and be sure that what you get is going to be Safe, Smart and Realistic (SSR)?…..that’s a good question!…Taekwonjitsu Martial Arts

So let me let you into a secret…….

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Taekwonjitsu Martial Arts

The leading site for information on self protection, body automatic responses, bio mechanics, pressure points, ju jitsu, taekwon, waveforms, kata principles and much more. Learn the strategies to improve yourself as both a person and martial artist. TaekwonJitsu is for those wanting more “Knowledge,Power & Simplicity”…Learn the hidden secrets…”Why? What? How? and importantly..What If?” Applying these principles and knowledge to everything you do, it will deliver results you have only ever dreamed about. Are you one of the 2% to act?… “Don’t try, Just Do!…at Taekwonjitsu Martial Arts

Master Paul Mracek

He doesnt try to hide information through long and complicated explanations, they are straight and to the point, they are easy to understand

Paul is someone who has trained with the real deal MASTERS of self protection and Martial Arts
– Geoff


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High Impact Defensive Tactics

WWW.BLACKTIGERTACTICALSYSTEM.COM For the best Weapon Retention, Self Defense, Defensive Tactics, Control Tactics, Personal Protection, Security Officer Training, Casino Officer Training, Military Training, Taser, OC, Baton, Use of Force, and all of your Tactical...

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The Importance of Elbow Strikes in MMA

Elbow strikes in MMA allow a fighter to do deliver a contest winning move whilst maintaining defence at the same time. Elbow strikes can be delivered standing or on the ground. The elbow is probably the hardest part of the body to strike with and for this reason its...

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