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Master Paul MracekKnowledge and practical experience is what all Martial Artists are always searching for! Where is the next place to find new or re-discovered secrets that can be learnt and then integrated and used?

This "Insights" area is planned as a ready resource and is made available to everybody to use. The the aim of providing insights to techniques, applications, meridian theory, pressure points, waveforms and much more. This area will be continued to be added to over time to build up an extensive library for all. Remember that in martial arts like everything in life nothing happens with out action!

Quote: The secret to success is consistency of purpose, readiness for responsibility and the taking of action, knowing not thinking, doing not trying achieves dreams! - Paul Mracek

Free Resource 1: Insights To Teaching MA's

"The 4 Secrets To Teaching Martial Arts"

The eBook on the "4 Secrets To Teaching Martial Arts - That No One Tells You" is now available for you to grab for a limited time at zero cost to you. Here's what you'll discover in the book about communication and how it will affect both your business as well as your personal and
professional life:

  • Communication 101 - 4 Ways People See Things: find out the easy way to talk to people and get them to understand what you want...and do what you need
  • Visual - See to Hear: find out what is the best approach to use so that they see your side of the story;
  • Auditory - Hear to See: find out how to explain things simply to get them to listen;
  • Auditory Digital - Think to See: Facts and data will get you a long way to move these people in the right direction, its easier than you think;
  • Kinesthetic - Feel to See: learn how to make them feel better and get them eating out of your hands;
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  • 4 Ways People Learn and Learning Styles
    • Learning
      Style 1 : Innovative Learners
    • Learning
      Style 2: Analytic Learners
    • Learning
      Style 3: Common Sense Learners
    • Learning
      Style 4: Dynamic Learners
  • The 4 Secrets Revealed - guess are going to have to read the book to find out what they are, I am not going to make it too easy for you!
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