Taekwonjitsu is connected with a range of associations and clubs who have a number of satellite clubs in various locations and suburbs around Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to cater to the needs of students. These clubs and associations operate with a professional approach while still caring about the well being of their students. To contact the club or association in your area please click on the links below:

East Bentleigh - NMAA HQ

Head Instructor : Geoff Hutchinson

To find out more details please check our info. page or contact us directly by email or phone

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Mordialloc Martial Arts

Instructor : David MacSporran

Mordialloc is a thriving club based in Melbourne’s South East. It is run by Master David MacSporran – 6th Dan Black Belt, with a wide range of programs

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West Footscray Club

Instructor : Graham Campbell

Lotus Martial Arts based in Footscray, Melbourne is run by Master Graham Campbell, 6th Dan Black Belt, whose unique talents offers many options to any student

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Woori Yollock

Instructor : Peter Tomlinson

Golden Eagle is located in the leafy town of Woori Yollock on the outskirts of Melbourne. It is run by Master Peter Tomlinson, 7th Dan Black Belt, with a wide program for all students

Contact Us T: 03 5961 5249

Association: Inter.MA Alliance

Chairman : Graham Slater

International Martial Art Alliance is the Martial Arts Peak Body in Australia, providing a range of products and services, for associations, schools and clubs nationally.

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Members Social Site

Created By: Paul Mracek

Members Social Site is now available to allow students to keep in contact and exchange comments,ideas and techniques. There is a lot of great info. there so come and join now.

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Life Balance Starts Here

Master’s:G Hutchinson & P Mracek

Life Balance Starts Here is now available to provide students with the next step towards their personal development in regaining and increasing their personal power, reduce stress, increase relaxation and gain more energy.

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Advanced Defensive Tactics

Master:Paul Mracek

Advanced Defensive Tactics is now available in Australia through the only Australian representative – Taekwonjitsu and the IMA. It has now been opened up to people just like you, who are looking for a real impact in your self defense…then this is your next step!

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Russell Stutely

Master:Russell Stutely

Russell Stutely has been acknowledged as Europe’s No.1 Expert on Pressure Points. He has pushed the boundaries of this amazing information and created opportunities for others to learn at a rate never even conceived of before.
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