Instructor Profile

Who is Paul Mracek?

Paul Mracek

7th Degree Black Belt – Taekwonjitsu
6th Degree Black Belt – Taekwondo
OCFM Certified Coach
PPDT Certified Instructor
Other Certifications: W.W.Children,
S.Certif.3,Certif.4 Training,
F.A.Lvl3, Hapkido,Self Defence,
Pressure Points,Qigong,Taichi

How Can My Life Experiences Benefit You?

Paul is the 1st Certified OCFM Coach in this region after training personally with Russell Stutely one-on-one in Malta. He doesn’t try to hide information through long and complicated explanations, they are straight and to the point, they are easy to understand; he makes it so simple that anybody can reproduce the results day-in-day-out.Paul is someone who has trained with the real deal MASTERS of self protection and MA’s, e.g.
Dragon Society’s
Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker

Master Russell Stutely…

The Pressure Point and Self Defence Legend;

Black Belt Academy’s
Master Thomas Hiew

Dunn Fu Tao System
Sifu Colin Dunn

Nutaofit Martial Arts Academy
Master Geoff Hutchinson

For the last 25 years Paul has been in high demand as a very successful CEO for iconic multinational companies travelling and working all over the world.

He knows what it takes and means to be successful in anything you do..he is a true Master both personally and professionally!

He has a passion to support others and to provide the opportunity for YOU to learn the secrets that he has learnt and achieve the same success, and up until now his unique knowledge and skills has only been available to a select few!