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Recommended Russell Stutely DVD SERIES

The following series of DVD’s is a special selection from Europe’s No.1
Pressure Point Expert complete range of video’s. He takes you through how to generate jaw shattering power, where to hit and much, much more…having trained personally with Russell I can tell you from first hand experience that these have to experienced to be believed!

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The MFFS 5 Disc Set

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This is the whole of the MFFS Information in one mammoth 5 Disc DVD Set.
The information contained in this set is priceless, plus a BONUS DVD containing
Disc 1
Power Generation – Learn how to hit with jaw shattering Power. Amazing power levels with little effort.
Disc 2
Placement Point Technology – Learn where to hit for the best effect. Russell Stutely takes you on a guided tour of the best places to strike
Disc 3
Backup Support System – Tony Bailey takes you through what to do, should everything go wrong and you end up on the ground
Disc 4
Using MFFS in Real Life Scenarios – utilising this information in more realistic situations
Disc 5
12 Devastating K.O’s – Not for the faint of heart! See 12 DEVASTATING K.O’s performed live.

You will learn the following and MUCH more:

* How to strike with amazing Impact
* Where to Strike for the best effect
* What to do if it all goes wrong
* 12 Devastating K.O’s
Remember this amazing package contains 5 Full Length Digital Broadcast Quality DVD’s.


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Russell says that this is quite simply the very best DVD Set he has made. It has a TON of information and is absolutely TOP quality throughout.
The production and editing are of the highest calibre.
DVD 1 – Power Secrets
All the principles required for Power Generation on one DVD
DVD 2 – Power Joint Break and Passouts
Need I say more? Some seriously bad stuff here
DVD 3 – Power Slams
Master Andrews explains how and demos’ the use of the Waveform for Slams and throws… do NOT do this on your training partner
DVD 4 – Power Black Takeouts
Master Andrews and myself take it in turns to show tried and trusted “takeouts”..
These lethal finishes are EXTREME in Nature…each DVD had two Disclaimers plus each person has to sign them!
DVD 5 – From Zero to power generating Hero
Watch live as volunteers for filming, with various levels of experience have their power levels transformed.
DVD 6 – Bonus DVD – First 25 purchasers only
Again, watch live as the volunteers are given an “extra” lesson by me in how to make PP’s work.
Watch time and time again, as a MASSIVE amount of information is given out.


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• TRUE ‘Black Magic’ Secrets: How to hit a Pressure Point and keep the ENERGY from that point inside the body.
• How to split the biceps of your street attacker (ideal for grab attacks).
• ‘Black’ secrets of joint release:this involves ‘tricking’ the brain into loosening up the joints so that they are easily broken.
• How to work tendons, triceps and more parts of the arms with Black Magic Pressure Points.
• How to apply a black Pressure Point to the ankle …ideal when you’re floored. Remarkably, of all the famous UK martial artists that Russell has met, he’s never met ANYONE that can stand up to this black Pressure Point!
• How to use ‘opposite effects’ Pressure Points on the opponents head.
• How to use Russell’s Numbering System with your partner to ensure you don’t cause excessive pain to each other
• Instant Knockout points to use on the head. Geez, these ‘black’ Pressure Point secrets are g-o-o-d and super-powerful!
• How to instantly spin an attacker’s head using a black Pressure Point in the attacker’s CHIN.
• How to apply black Pressure Point strikes to the torso – not much power required with these points!
• Russell’s secrets of ‘compound maximisation’. This is incredible. You’ll learn how hitting TWO points simply doubles the power of each black point.
• How to apply Russell’s principle of Linkage…so you’ll be apply to link two (or more) Pressure Points together.
• And plenty more…

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