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Recommended Michael Pace SELF DEFENSE VIDEOS

The following video series is a special selection from the USA’s No.1 Self Defense Masters. He takes you through
how to survive a street attack with real and practical techniques that work from experience on the streets!

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Realistic Guide to Effective Self Defence

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Have you been searching for a simple, yet effective method of self-defense that really works?
Are you ready, right now, to learn how you can defend yourself in virtually any situation,
quickly and easily?

There are about 30 common street attacks that are used in assaults in the US.
Sure, there were others, but they were really just variations of the basic thirty.

Each one of these possible attacks where looked at and we developed a system that took into consideration the ‘adrenal dump’ which causes us to freeze up and lose fine motor coordination.

We eliminated any response that did not fit into this reality. We added more simple, direct and extremely effective strikes, moves and techniques that could be learned simply and easily and, did not require years of training.
This system is now taking the US by storm:

1. It addresses the inevitable adrenaline dump which is the natural effect of fear induced aggression.
2. It is simple enough to teach students in days or weeks instead of years!
3. It is effective regardless of the body type of the attacker.
4. It is quick, effective and decisive!
5. It addresses real street “situations” instead of the typical studio environment.
6. It contains a minimum amount of techniques. This was necessary as research has shown that as few as a handful of techniques can be recalled when fully “adrenalized”.
7. It is designed to defeat a much larger and stronger attacker!
8. It is easy to learn.
9. Additionally it is direct, powerful and yet simple and straight forward enough to be taught through video based training or through a step by step manual with pictures and explanations.

This entire process is in a simple, organized system of instruction.
The Realistic Guide to Effective Street Self Defense, is done in a step by step manner with photos so that even a total beginner can learn it


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Street Self Defense 101® Volume 1:
Volume I contains step by step lessons to effectively learn and practice –
“Defending Against the 30 Most Common Street Attacks”!
Refer to above for further details on Volume 1
Volume II -“Advanced Techniques Against the Most Common Street Attacks”
* Easy to learn advanced techniques against the most common street attacks!
* How to use every inch of your body to develop devastating power.
* Using the “stop hit” to destroy your attacker!
* Multiple defenses against the most common attacks.
* Dealing effectively with distance.
* How to defend against an attacker who attempts to pick you up… and slam you down.
* How to anticipate certain types of attacks. This gives you an almost ‘unfair advantage’.
* Advanced techniques to defend against headlocks, chokes and strangles.
* Simple throws against the common street attacks.
* Disarming and stopping an armed assailant.
* Wiring in your self defense skills so they are automatic.
* Defending against the blade! Knife defenses you must know.
* Plus much more…