After a lot of changes and substitutions, it’s finally here! UFC 98 will be rocking the whole MMA world this coming May 23, 2009 and you sure don’t want to miss any of the action.

After a couple of changes in the fight cards, it has been confirmed that UFC 98 will feature the battle against 2 undefeated light heavyweight fighters – Evans and Machida.

True, this may not be the main event that fans all over the world are expecting. But trust me, there is nothing to be disappointed about UFC 98. Aside from the fact that the main event will feature 2 ‘undefeateds’, the other fight cards will feature new blood going up against comeback-UFC superstars.

Before the changes, it was expected that former Wrestling superstar and heavyweight titleholder Brock Lesnar will face the interim heavyweight champion Frank Mir. The latter, by the way, disposed the legendary Brazilian fighter Antonio Noguiera. Unfortunately, Mir was injured during training and would have to skip UFC 98 and wait until July 11 to clash against Brock Lesnar.

Due to this, attention switched to the light heavyweight division. Quinton Jackson, who demolished Keith Jardine in UFC 96, was awarded a title fight against current and undefeated light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans. However, fate again disrupted the design. Jackson found that, with his injury, he would have to make way for another fighter to square off against Evans. And it was the undefeated Dragon – Lyoto Machida who stepped up.

The undefeated Brazilian – Machida just impressively knocked out his fellow Brazilian Thiago Silva gaining a record of 14-0-0. Evans, on the other hand, just knocked out 2 big names – Forrest Griffin and Chuck Lidell which resulted to a 18-0-1 record. Its karate versus hard hitting wrestling at the UFC 98!

It seems that these 2 undefeated UFC warriors are destined to decide who’s the better, faster, and smarter fighter this coming Saturday.

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