Juan Manuel Marquez (50-4-1, 37KOs) is confident that he will be able to win against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (39, 25KOs) in their fight at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas on September 19.

Marquez is bigger and stronger as he put on more weight and working on his technique. He definitely hits harder now than he ever did before. Reports suggest that the five-time Mexican World champion is concentrating on body work. It is quite obvious that he intends to target Mayweather’s body, specifically his injured rib.

“I know where he’s been hurt and I’m going for it,” Marquez stated. “He is vulnerable now and I will take advantage of his weakness with a body attack that emphasizes two things-the right and the left.”

Mayweather had problems in facing body punchers. When he had faced Jose Castillo in their first fight out of two, many people felt that Mayweather should have lost. Mayweather won twice against Jose Luis Castillo, but it was obvious that he had a really hard time. Anyone could say that Mayweather has a weakness in taking body shots. And, Mayweather also seem to be less youthful now than two years before, because of this, Mayweather seemed to have also lost a little speed.

Marquez is focusing on strengthening his legs, arms and shoulders, and building up endurance by training in the mountains, 13,500 feet up. He has been running hills and lifting heavy rocks as part of his training.

“The mountain is a magic place and gives me the freedom to visualize the night of the fight and how I am going to beat him,” Marquez said.

Mayweather will probably use his sharp and accurate punches to win points and probably to make Marquez bleed. If Marquez will start to fight wildly, Mayweather will just probably try to avoid the clash by blocking and dodging. But knowing both fighters as incredible counter-punchers, I feel that both fighters will just try to keep their composure and wait for the right timing to throw their power shots.

Whoever wins this fight will have a chance to face Manny Pacquiao. If Mayweather wins, there could be a Pacquiao-Mayweather, otherwise there might be a Pacquiao-Marquez 3. Either of those possibilities will still be considered a mega fight.

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