Mixed martial arts is a full combat sport. It is called mixed martial arts because it mixes together various skills from various martial arts. Its aim is to help people master different skills, thus improving their overall fitness, fight-readiness and defense tactics.

Mixed martial arts offer a forum that allows martial artists to compete against each other, whether they are masters of Judo, Tae Kwondo, Jiu Jitsu or Hapkido. In this form of sport, martial arts that are known for striking can include grappling also. So, there is a mix of skills. For example, Karate and Kung fu allow martial artists to throw their opponents, while Judo and Sambo have kicks and punches.

Combatants of similar styles have been fighting each other ever since the beginning of combative sports. But a competitive event where, for example, a wrestler meets a boxer is a relatively modern phenomenon, which according to history books started as late as the 1860’s. However, these kinds of combative competitions soon caught the public fancy and mixed style contests were a rage in Europe and Japan by the 1900’s. The epitome of mixed combat was Bruce Lee, who believed that the best fighter is not a specialist in Karate, Boxing or Judo, but can adapt to any style to defend himself.

At the risk of oversimplification, mixed martial arts may be considered to teach artists skills and techniques found in kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, grappling and Muay Thai. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, but most combatants develop skills and techniques in these because these are time-tested combat sports. Mixed martial sports has expanded and grown in stature precisely because combining these distinct styles of combat into a single art is challenging, highly competitive and requires quite a lot of skill.

Mixed martial arts has several benefits to offer artists. It develops a well rounded form of attack. Even martial arts that focus only on a single aspect of fighting is benefited from mixed martial arts. That is why boxers and wrestlers are known to cross train. So, while Judo teaches amazing throws, Muay Thai offers artists great control over their feet and boxing specializes in heavy duty punches. A boxer who trains in Karate will have the ability to throw punches as well as deliver deadly kicks.

Mixed martial arts challenges artists to develop excellent skills in all aspects of unarmed combat. This prepares artists for a one-on-one competitive event.

Mixed martial arts seek to strengthen every part of the body. It makes used of light exercises like skipping and weight lifting to strengthen muscles and improve cardio vascular health. Gym training is also an important part of the training and greatly improves efficient movement. Flexibility is improved using stretching exercises.

People who learn mixed martial arts do so for self defense, great physical health, mental agility and for the love of the sport. Due to the increased interest in this field, modern artists participate in training camps and learn as much as they can through information sharing.

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