Martial Arts is one of the contributions of Asia to the world. Who can forget Bruce Lee and the fact that it is primarily a martial arts athlete before being a movie star? Although until now martial arts is always a big hit with the growing popularity of Asian movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and more recently the House of Flying Daggers.

One of these is Aikido. Interestingly, the word from three Japanese words from which one is able to derive the meaning of the word. AI means union, Ki means spirit and ways to do means. Therefore, we can understand why Aikido is about the physical abilities of students concentrated in particular the sin of their supporters Ueshiba more on spiritual and philosophical development of its students.

His defeat in Aikido is a not taught violence instead one learns in harmony with the opponent. That may sound strange, but it really works. In approaching an opponent who is the goal of Aikido practitioners to an attack with the enemy, where it is weakest, while divers or move, but never to kill.

Here Aikido is an art. Art is something beautiful to see and something positive and Aikido is all. At least one of the people in the fight against the struggle for the harmony and the harmony of stakeholders can be achieved only if there is grace in motion. The movements can be calculated, but there’s a touch of finesse while these movements, not a feminine delicacy, but a finesse that exudes calm. The art of peace, but what they in Aikido is one of the positive influences of Aikido to its students and all who choose to know about this Japanese martial art.

Some of the techniques of aikido are. Ikkyo is the first technique. By using this technique to control an opponent with one hand while you want the elbow and the other near the wrist, this action will make you pin your opponent on the ground. Nikyo The second technique is when you give a wristlock that you make on the arm of the opponent, which in turn can be reason enough nerve to turn pressure.

The third method is Sankyo, must act in a technique that pronation upward spiral of tension throughout the arm, elbow and shoulder. There are many other techniques, but will start the first three.

On examination, aikido, it is important to remember that it should also strengthen the physical strength of the enemy’s defeat, it also develops mental capabilities. Like all art, it takes much practice and discipline to perfect the art of aikido. What counts is the one who wants to explore the art must be ready to give glory, the art, the best possible way.

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