Most people think that martial arts are only valuable when you need to beat the bad guys. While the confidence that comes from knowing that you can use self defense effectively is important, the true benefits of martial arts training, especially for kids, are much more than just building defensive skills. When taught by the right person, in the right environment, martial arts can be a powerful learning tool to build confidence, determination, focus, and physical fitness.

We are all born different. Some kids are born bold and some with low self-esteem. Does your child struggle with confidence? Have your kids ever been bullied or pushed around or perhaps has your child has been the one who is bullying the other kids? Poor confidence expresses itself in both the bully and the child who is bullied. While both of these behaviors are normal, they need to be corrected as quickly as possible. Traditional martial art training can teach the values of honor, respect, integrity and self discipline. Through martial arts, kids can learn to express themselves in other ways than through violence. Additionally, martial arts contain the best elements of both team and individual activities since your child will have all of the social benefits of interacting with others while simultaneously being able to learn at their own individual pace. Martial arts are also an empowering way for families to bond.

Originating in Asia, martial arts have a range styles and types including Karate, Jujitsu, Aikido, Taekwondo and Kung fu. With the right instructor any of these arts can teach a spectrum of mental, physical and social attributes. When your child learns these valuable life lessons and skills it will help them throughout their life and it will lay a foundation for happiness, fulfillment, and success.

The mental benefits of martial arts for kids include increased learning skills, improved focus for kids and discipline for kids. The physical benefits include personal security and physical fitness for kids. And the social benefits include self esteem, respect, friendship and leadership for kids. These are skills that your child will use for a lifetime on a daily basis.

Many parents have found a noticeable gain in their children’s grades in school, focus, behavior and confidence after being involved in martial arts for as little as 3 months. Your kid can benefit a lot from martial arts as they learn the physical components along with the mental and emotional lessons. You can even join your child in the martial arts training and make the experience even more powerful and enjoyable.

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