Bruce Lee is known for his ability to punch and kick with a lot of speed. What did Lee do in his training to increase the speed of his punches and kicks? He felt it very important to have fast hands and to be able to punch without telegraphing your intentions.

Being able to punch or kick before your opponent can react gives you an edge in a fight and Bruce Lee sought to be the fastest, as in all his training he pursued it seriously. There are some techniques Lee used and suggested to help improve speed.

One of the key things he believed was not the punch or kicks itself but your state of mind. He said it is important to stay relaxed, do not tense up or worry. Being relaxed would allow you to transfer your energy into your actions much faster. Being tensed or worried would block your ability to be fast.

Some of the techniques Lee used were simple but effective. To help increase speed you need to improve the fast twitch muscles. Improving your strength would be a start and doing specific drills will help you produce more speed.

As found in Bruce lee’s writings, he suggested using paper to punch into. You could hang it at shoulder level a punch it like a target. You could punch through it or focus on just hitting the surface of it.

Lee suggested using a candle to practice your back hand. You could execute the back hand at the flame and try to extinguish it with your speed. Evidently he also played the slapping game where you hold your hand out and tried to pull it away before your opponent could slap it. This will help sharpen your reflexes and leave you with a sore hand.

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