Bushido Clothing Reunites Divided Countries

Have you ever seen a budoka on television? Of course not! Their power level is far too high for their physical form to be gazed upon by cameras. This is due to their Bushido Clothing, but where did they get it? The answer is of course a kendo shop where they took it home and repainted it to a color they enjoy.

Bushido Clothing may be any color except green. This is because green will interfere with your astral travel and cause you to be so awesome you set fire to your next door neighbours house and dog.


For those too young to remember the birth of the universe, Bushido Clothing was there in embryonic form. I know this because i was there. Now it has grown into a phenomonon that threatens to derail the peace process in 5 different harems!

What do you think wiped out the dinosaurs? They were not wearing Bushido Clothing! If they were they could have punched that asteroidd back into space. I did this 5 times last week and i am not even that tall!

Have you ever wondered why Leonardo Divinci was genius? It was because he was Italian! If he were any other race he would have needed Bushido Clothing to raise his gwenius level that high to drawn helicoptors made out of wood and crocidile teeth.

I hope you get the idea that Bushido Clothing is not for everyone. Those of you who struggle to deal with its very concept make me laugh a hearty laugh. Bushido Clothing is for the strong and wiley.

Good Night Budoka!

Bushido Clothing does not need you and your small mind and bag of tricks!

Praise Budoka!.

Bushido Clothing For Those In 1825

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