Different establishments all around Chicago offer mixed martial arts training. There may be some who are “fly-by-night” while some honestly provide interested clients with outstanding mixed martial arts education. Caution must always be implemented when shopping around for mma training schools in Chicago.

Out of the many forms of mixed martial arts, Muay Thai is one of those gaining popularity. Mma training schools in Chicago offer Muay Thai classes with instructors considered as experts on the field. But what is Muay Thai?

Referred to as “Thai Boxing,” is a form of hard martial arts practiced all around the globe. It is Thailand’s national sport. specialized in what is called as the “Art of Eight Limbs,” which allows the use of the hands, shin, elbows and knees. Because of this, a muay thai practitioner has the opportunity to master the execution of strikes using eight points of contact.

Due to the complexity of the sport, It requires a solid determination and flexibility all throughout the training process. It was only during the 1990s that Muay Thai has enjoyed worldwide popularity because of its fusion to mixed martial arts. Nowadays, Muay Thai can rarely be learned in its purest form since it has been incorporated already in many other forms of mixed martial arts like kickboxing.

Nowadays, The battles are being used for entertainment purposes. Two opponents face each other in a ring with gloves. They then fight using the techniques of Muay Thai but in an environment similar to that of boxing.

On the other hand, Jeet Kune Do is one of the most popular mixed martial arts form. It is a philosophy of martial art and life by Bruce Lee, yes, THE Bruce Lee. The unique thing about Jeet Kune Do is that is not fixed or patterned because it is being guided by thoughts.

According to Lee, Jeet Kune Do is merely the expression of an individual’s feelings with the use of minimum movements and energy. JKD is more on moving without limitations and in the long run, includes the art of physical development. In the simplest sense, JKD seeks to make a practitioner most confident in his own techniques that would ultimately come out as he tries to defend himself.

JKD does not teach new styles but merely develops the innate capabilities of a person. At some point, it is one of those martial art forms that has no boundaries and is dependent on the practitioner. JKD also teaches the concept of time economy, which is to waste no time or movement; “be like water.”

Whether it be the complexity of Muay Thai or the flexibility of Jeet Kune Do, mma training schools in Chicago can definitely provide you with the best possible training you can ever imagine. The key is there lies not in the instructors trained in both forms of martial arts, but in you, the student who is willing to be trained.

See, the trainer merely passes on the knowledge to the student. It is up to the student if he will absorb or reject the knowledge provided.

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