PRESS RELEASE – (Toronto, Ontario)  October 10th, 2009 – Canadian based MMA clothing company Submit Gear Fight Apparel announced today that they are offering custom apparel to gym and store owners at prices that are below the company’s wholesale costs that they offer to distributors.

“A lot of martial arts schools just don’t have the extra cash flow to buy t shirts or MMA shorts for their students.  So we’re offering a cross-promotion deal that includes both company names somewhere on the t shirts at prices below our normal wholesale cost” says Joe Nepa, Marketing manager at Submit Gear.

Submit Gear chooses to promote their brand more through sponsorships (for fighters and events) and not so much through advertising such as newspapers and magazines. “Sponsorships is a way of “giving back” to the MMA community says Mark Chiappino, president of Submit Gear.  “Unforunatly, we can’t always accept every request.

The cross-promotion program is available to all Canadian, U.S., and U.K customers including gym owners and MMA stores.  For more information on the program, please contact Mark at

About Submit Gear    

Submit Gear is a Toronto-based on-line company specializing in MMA Clothing for the fighter, and fan.   Through our products and sponsorship programs, we are proud to support the best sport in the world, and more importantly, the martial artists who make it all happen.

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Submit Gear has been offering quality athletic apparel designed for mixed martial artists and enthusiasts since 2005 and continue to support the best extreme sport in the world.

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