Everlast boxing shoes are very much an integral part of the boxing gear for every boxer who understands the value that the brand holds in all the accessories related to boxing. Offering a diverse range of collection for both men as well as women boxers, Everlast caters to every specific need. Shoes must give comfort and more as the boxing shoes are responsible for determining how agile you can be on your feet while in a competition. All that is taken care of perfectly well by Everlast. Everlast boxing shoes come in two different types?the high top boxing shoes and the low top boxing shoes. From a utilitarian perspective, the high top boxing shoes are found to be very much advantageous for the kick boxers as they need a lot of protection around their ankles and shins during a match. So, if one is a kick boxer, the high top boxing shoes are ideal and if not?whether they go in for high or low depend solely on their personal preference. All the boxing shoes that come from Everlast come with great comfort, breathability, traction and safety so that one need not give these matters a thought at all either while practicing or while taking part in a competition. The brand Everlast is synonymous with support and durability and so it is a wise investment for an avid boxer. Everlast boxing shoes are available in white, red, blue and black colors and one can make their choicest pick depending on the preferences they have which would meet their requirements and most frequently the shoes coming under this brand are way ahead of their times. The anti-slip pattern with the rubber sole, the Hyper Flex technology, support to the lateral arch and forefoot through the straps?are all the positives that have revolutionized the boxing shoe.

Dave Toub is a strong believer in Everlast boxing shoes and would never train with anything else. Please check out one of my favorite Everlast boxing shoes and see the Punching Bags Pro Homepage if you are interested in other gear as well.

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