Although there are various punching bag brands out there, my favorite bags are Everlast brand.  This article is not meant to knock other manufacturers/ brands – It is meant to review some of the benefits of the Teddy Atlas Angle Bag and what is has to offer.  What makes these bags unique and how can they help you to achieve your boxing and MMA training objectives, beyond the standard bag drills?      

The Teddy Atlas Uppercut Bag (aka Teddy Atlas Workout System), is an 100 lb. bag where the bag is split into two sections.  The lower 50-60% of the bag has a smaller radius than the upper part of the bag.  The smaller radius section must extend about a half a foot outward to conform to the upper larger radius, creating various angled faces to emulate real angles one would encounter in a real fight.  

Because of the angles faces, this is a great tool for learning or practicing hooks and uppercuts.  Because uppercuts, hooks, jabs, and crosses are inherently different punches, they require slightly different pivoting and weight transfer to achieve the optimal effectiveness.  Actually practicing with different angled faced allows you to figure out these subtle differences and to better your game across the whole spectrum of shots.  

What’s really nice is the bag is designed with checkered targets, designated spots outlined on the bag to work the most common angles.  Each target is numbered, enabling simplified combo drill creation and execution (2-4-2-3, 2-6-5-6,etc).  This bag can also double as a normal punching bag since the bottom section is flat.  

Last but not least, because the bag is double ended, it is very stable.  It has some give but won’t fly all over the place so it really lets you work on making a flush contact point to really feel when your punches hit home.  If the bag is flying all over, a pro boxer will learn to deal with it over time.  For those looking to learn right the first time, this is a definite plus.  

So am I biased?  Of course.  Anyone who writes an article is biased and writes to express what he/she believes.  If you already agree that this is one of the best products out there, awesome.  If not, don’t knock it till you try it. – Get to a gym and run some quick drills on it.  All I know is my uppercuts and hooks are killer and it’s because of Teddy Atlas Angle Bag.

David Toub is the owner of Punching Bags Pro and absolutely loves the sport.

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