Martial Arts is a practice for training in combat. Its basic purpose is to defend oneself from a physical threat and defeat the other person in the process. The term ‘martial arts’ has been derived from a European word for fighting art, which is known as European martial arts. It means the art of warfare. The Martial arts weapon have always played an important role in the process of combat. Nunchakus are one of the weapons used in Karate, a martial arts form. They are part of the traditional Kobudu weapons and consist of two sticks tied to their ends by means of a chain or rope.


Karate actually means empty handed, so it does seem odd that the form uses a lot of martial arts weapons. It is not mandatory to use these weapons but if you do, they can double your strength and coordination, making you a top class fighter. Today weapons and martial arts go hand in hand.


There are many types of martial arts in various countries and there are even more types of martial arts weapons. There are broad categories of these weapons, with each consisting of further sub divisions. Some varieties of these weapons are bow and arrow, knife, western fencing weapons, short staff of stick weapons, long weapons, swords, composite weapons, soft weapons, truncheons, sickles, shields, projectile weapons and clubs. You can many forms of weapons under these categories.


Before training with a martial arts weapon you need to try them out, so you can understand which matches you style of fighting. Go into the history of each weapon and find out which kind of training is each one best for. Then choose the one that suits you.


The Nunchuck is used in the Okinawan martial arts such as some forms of karate. Some Eskrima systems also include usage of the Nunchuck. It was developed in the 17th century by Okinawans after the Japanese occupied their land. Originally the two equal sections were tied together by horsehair.


In its earliest forms, the Nunchuck was used as an agricultural tool used for threshing grain. When used as a weapon it was incorporated as a part of various positions and techniques. The sticks were used to strike or poke and the chain could strangle or block the opponent. Currently the Nunchuck is included as a part of martial arts training and is also used by some law enforcement agencies.


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