Traditional forms of martial arts are common in many countries today. They have been in place for many years from now. There have been many instruments or weapons which are used to perform these martial arts. The use of these weapons is widespread and they have to be used with utmost care so that the performers do not get hurt. Two weapons that are used in martial arts are “Kama” and “Escrima”.


One of the many famous weapon used for martial arts in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia is the ‘kama’ which was originally used as a farming instrument in Japan. There are many forms of this weapon that are available today. The various forms of Kama have been put to use in martial arts like Te and karate. While performing, there is one kama in each hand. There are two sides to the weapon, one being the point and other, the sharpened edge. Both the sides are put in used in martial arts. These weapons were also used by the ninja and sometimes that cause of injuries for the wielders who were unskilled.


There is a Filipino martial art that employs techniques somewhat similar to the other forms except for the weapons used for fighting. “Escrima” is one such form which makes use of stick while performing the art. The martial arts provided security to the villagers against invaders. A person may take years to master this art form.


Learning this art is no more a difficult task with the weapons available at various internet sites specially meant to deal in martial art. These websites provide weapons made with high quality wood. The use of finest materials increases the durability of these weapons. They are carefully crafted to give them perfect shape and size. To make them look attractive and unique, they are covered with colored tapes and patterns. The companies dealing in these weapons, coat the escrima with a special coating that makes them durable. You can pt for the latest designs and patterns that are added to the list after short time intervals. The best thing about these companies is that if you do not find a weapon of your choice or want to order one according to your specifications, the customization option has been kept for you.


One can buy kama and escrima stcks from these stores in bulk too. Attractive discounts are also offered on bulk buys. The types of kamas that are available are adult kamas, flying kamas, children kamas and viper kamas. You can choose one according to your needs and personalize your weapon. You can get your name or any motif on the weapons. The colors and shapes can also be chosen from. You can choose the right kamas and escrima for your child if he is still learning the art. The weapons available for children are specially made keeping in mind the balance and size. It is easy to order these weapons. With just a click, you can place your order for as many numbers of weapons you want. Handsome discounts can also be availed when orders are made in bulk.

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