Many MMA fighters have looked at the bodies of the weight lifters around them and wondered “How do I get ripped?”  When looking at your weak muscles, it’s often difficult to imagine them being toned, ripped and chiseled without having to work out every single day with weights.  Not to mention, you need to balance your MMA training to keep your technique and endurance crisp.  Rather than wondering how to get ripped you should think about the following training plan that will help you get the ripped and hard body you’ve always been wanting.  Not unlike your MMA training, repetition and practice are the only way to improve and obtain results.

You need first to remember that the answer to getting ripped involves a combination of proper nutrition and an excellent workout.  You need to know that muscle weighs more than other body tissue and weighs a great deal more than fat.  This means that you’ll need to gain weight and eat a lot of calories in order to become ripped with big and strong muscles.  Your nutritional program will begin with at least 5-7 meals per day so that you eat every 2-3 hours throughout the day.  You will need to base much of your diet on protein, which is the building block of muscle formation.

Instead of just wondering “how do I get ripped through nutritional means”, you need to be serious about eating hundreds of grams of protein each day.  This can be in the form of whey protein drinks, flavored with maltodextrin or dextrin or fruit.  You can also get protein through eggs, dairy, meat, fish, beans and nuts.  A handful of nuts makes a great snack and has loads of protein in it.

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You should also have complex carbs in your diet. Complex carbs fuel your workout and don’t trigger insulin to release so fast.  When insulin releases too fast, it can cause a reduction in blood sugar so that you get weak and can’t perform your workout.  You will be wondering – how the hell am I going to get ripped while my muscles are failing me?  Complex carbohydrates include brown rice, whole grain breads and cereals, fruits, and vegetables.  Use these along with your protein; in about a sixty to thirty five ratio so that it is balanced in favor of a slight excess in protein.

You should also have essential fatty acids in your diet, which can be found in fish oils and some plant oils.  Avoid trans fats and saturated fats, which are solid at room temperature as these can clog your arteries and aren’t very helpful to you.  Essential fatty acids are good for cell membrane production and all of your muscle cells require essential fatty acids in order to grow and develop.

The answer to getting ripped depends also on the strength of your workout.  You need to spend at least a couple of hours a day five days a week at the gym and you need to work each muscle group to exhaustion during a set of 10-12 reps.  This means that you choose a weight level to lift or pull that can be done safely and without injury but that pushes the muscle to the limits after a complete set.  You then go on to other sets involving other muscles, focusing on the core muscles for great abs and the upper extremity muscles for strong chest and arm muscles.  Repeat each set of exercises approximately 4-6 times so that you really feel like you’re getting somewhere.

The real answer to getting ripped involves working out each muscle group in turn—often to the point of exhaustion of the power of those muscles—and resting and eating in between workouts so you gain weight as muscle and begin to look like all the rest of the guys at the club.  Be patient with a steady training program and you will be looking like Kimbo Slice in no time.

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