The world of Martial Arts does not seem unfamiliar as Jackie Chan, Jet Li or Bruce Lee say about it. The point that we often don’t get is that, we have our individual expertise that solely includes our inclination and not the application that we forcefully arm to ourselves.

Hapkido employs the use of tradition (abuse not permissible) like weaponry that include nunchuku, cane, sword, staff and short stick , as others involve self-defense through common unskilled attacks, techniques and joint locks the same way it does.

Hapkido is however unique with the utilization of longer pressure point ranges and strikes of percussive kicking and hand movements and closer throw fighting techniques. The motions and movements it employs can be circular, non-resisting or control of the opponent. Its observance of body positioning and footwork for better leverage, advantage and gain, has to be a mindset.

Hapkido is an art of fusion between the mental and physical powers of individuals for full integration and better strength of mind and body. With its style, it’s the so-called the softer kind in the sense that it does not employ strength against strength or force against force. It is simply about size and strength, not strength and strength. In short, it is the peaceful diversion or suppression of the flow of attacks; it does use only very little strength on pressure points and skeletal joints for a winning bout.

The sport talks about redirection of the attack not just to avoid further and more ones but, to control and turn the attack back through offensive techniques. Any “hard” damage is yet prevented here while it pushes through improvement of confidence, quickness, flexibility and timing, posture and balance, joint strength and muscle tone.

Hapkido does involve the welfare and development of each practitioner through practice and discipline. In same way with the other “hard” styles, attitude must be well observed when engaging with this. In whatever instance, it is yet the prime key to a practitioner’s first or last victory together with personality.

Why wait then for the focus of the “hard” styles to hit you when you can distinguish the softer yet more comfortable art of hapkido from the others? Try your luck with it! Who knows? You are the much-awaited hapkido king not just in your country or continent but in the whole universe?

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