The Competition Gloves do a good job of covering the knuckles. They have a curved design that help the glove wrap over the fist more naturally, reducing hand fatigue. I have found that if you constantly have to fight to keep your fist clenched, your hand will open up naturally, opening you up to a hand injury because your fist is not tight.


The padding of the gloves meets the standard weight. The padding of the Hayabusa gloves is not as hard as the padding of the Official Fight Glove. When training this is welcome over the full force of a blow to the face. The back of the hand is fully padded while the wrist hase some, but not a lot of padding.

Wrist Wrap

Unlike most gloves, the wrist wrap does not just wrap around. The Hayabuse gloves are a bit easier to get off because of a unique feature. They have an extra Velcro strap that allows you to pre-tighten the wrist, before the final cinching.


One good thing is that the Hayabusa gloves are made of real high-quality cow hide. There a lots of gloves that are made of the really cheap-feeling material! The stitching is top notch too. The padding extends down past the middle knuckle stopping you from scuffing-up your knuckles when hitting the bag.

As far as looking cool- the Hayabusa has a really sleek design. The graphics printed on the gloves are very cool. Out of all of the gloves I have used- these are some of the best. They feel good and they also look good!

Hayabusa MMA Gloves
Hayabusa MMA Gloves

Jason Maynard has over 25 years experience in the Martial Arts

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