MMA gym membership is expensive and will usually run you about 100 bucks a month, although it can be more or less.  Most MMA gyms don’t contain freeweights, so you’ll have to shell out another 40-80 dollars a month to join a conventional gym that contains freeweights.  This adds up, but don’t fret – it is impossible to do your MMA workouts from home.  There are a lot of good bodyweight exercises that’ll increase your strength and conditioning, especially when applied to MMA.

Before you decide to jump into this exercise plan, you’ll need a few items.  The most important item that you can have in any home gym is a pull up bar.  You can get a pull up bar that you can mount in your door frame, which is what I recommend.  Pull ups are a fantastic exercise for MMA and one of the best home workouts ever.  You’ll also want some short wooden boxes, like the type you see people use when doing plyometrics, since you’ll be doing a lot of those too.  Dumbbells are also pretty cheap and are worth investing in, since they’ll allow you to do a lot of lifts that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.  A nice alternative to dumbbells are kettle balls, but it’s very difficult to do snatches with them.

Now that you know what equipment you need, here are some of my favorite home MMA workout techniques.

For anaerobic endurance, I prefer to do a large number of pull ups or power straights.  Both of these exercises require a ton of energy to do, although power straights are significantly harder.  If you want to build good core strength for MMA from home, this is the way to do it.  You can also do leg raises from the pull up bar, which’ll further increase your core strength.  I can’t stress how important your hip and abdominal muscles are for MMA.

You’ll also want to do plenty of depth and lateral jumps.  I recommend at least 100 jumps a day when training for MMA at home.  You can mix it up, but make sure you use proper form especially in the lateral jumps.  It’s pretty easy to hurt your knees when doing these.  Depth push-ups are another great exercise you can do with plyometrics boxes.

If you managed to obtain some dumbbells or kettle balls, you can do dumbbell squats, deadlifts, and snatches.  All of these exercises will build fantastic core strength and will increase your anaerobic capacity.  Remember that most of an MMA fight uses anaerobic metabolism, so you’ll need plenty of it!  Another great home exercise that you can use is the shoulder press.  This is particularly useful when grappling because you’ll be able to more effectively control your opponent’s limbs with your strong shoulders.

For aerobic exercise, you should run two to three miles every day and spend at least 30 minutes each day on the heavy bad at a moderate intensity.  This’ll ensure that you can recover quickly while in the corner and pace yourself in the stand up.  The best thing is that these MMA exercises are relatively easy to do from home.

Check out Eric Wong’s Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Guide for more ways to increase your conditioning for MMA. This guide is great for anyone that is serious about their MMA workouts.

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