There are many Martial art schools teaching a whole variety of styles and self defence scenarios from grappling to high kicking to lighting fast multiple strikes. Some are effective, some are not and some are down right useless.

What alot of martial arts schools fail to teach or prepare you for however is the fear or adrenaline rush or adrenaline dump that you will feel when confronted with a real life threatening situation.

When you are in a self defence situation the adrenal glands located above the kidney will secrete adrenaline into the bloodstream where its rapidly circulated around the body.

You can experience decreased co-ordination, a sense of the mind wondering, and difficulty in thinking clearly along with increased heart rate and raised blood pressure.This may be the first time you have ever felt these feelings and it can be daunting to experience them for the first time.

Under these circumstances it can become very difficult to defend yourself.

So how do we cope with this rush and its effects and still defend ourselves?

1) If your serious about self defence at least get some experience in reality based training where you might get a chance to practise situations that will cause you to feel the adrenaline rush so you know what it feels like

2) learn more about the rush and recognise its effects on you. This will help you to realise that you are not helpless and you can fight back

3)Practise simple and effective Martial Art Techniques that will work better when your experiencing the adrenaline rush.


I have studied martial arts for many years and have belts in many different styles. What I have found though is that many do not prepare you for the adrenaline rush of a real confrontation. For more information on how to deal with fear in martial arts or self defence check out

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