A Wrist Grab is a common attack from someone who wishes to restrain you in some way. It may be from a friend trying to take you somewhere, someone official eg school teacher or someone trying to abduct you.


As always, you need to adjust the amount of force you use to match the situation at hand. If it is a friend, chances are you will just go with them. An official grabbing you may warrant a non-violent escape but is someone is trying to abduct you, full force may be needed.


What follows describes non-violent ways to escape various wrist grabs. Remember to use the Instant Reaction Theory which can be found at www.freeselfdefencetips.com/instant_reactions_explained.htm


General wrist grab escape

Most wrist grabs can be reversed by simple twisting up and over your opponents wrist, providing his grip isn’t too strong. As a general rule, force your thumb toward the opening of his hand and then use a downward strike eg hammerfist on his forearm mound.


If he seizes one of your wrists with two hands

  • Reach through his arms and grasp you own hand.  With a turn of the body bring your elbow perpendicularly over your fist, the one that was grabbed.  With the weight of your body, force your hand down through his fingers. 


If he grabs your right wrist with his left hand

  • Step in and push your right elbow to his left elbow while your wrist rotates within his grasp and pry it out. Follow up with a left palm heel


If he grabs both your wrists, one with each hand

  • Bring your hands together in an upside down ‘prayer hand’ type formation at stomach height.

  • With an upward and forward movement drive you hands into an upright prayer formation and force your wrists up and out of his grasp, keeping your hands rigid.

  • Follow through with double palm heels as you push forward. 

  • Do all of this as one  movement and very quickly


If he grabs your right wrist with his right hand

  • Step in with your left foot then rotate your arm as if you where brushing your hair and turn your body into the outside of his arm

  • Palm Heel his right elbow with your right as you pry your left arm out of his grip

This was written by Jeevan Lim-Nunez
Owner and course creator of First Action Self Defence and Survival Courses

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