If you are in the martial arts community should know that grip and hand strength are a very important aspect of their fighting abilities. Be it on the offence when you need to use your hands for punching, where your hands need to be tough to prevent injury to yourself and to cause more damage to the opponent. Or when on the defense when you need to be able break the grip of your opponent and then apply your own crushing grip.

You should do the more common workouts for grip training such as the pinch grip, hand grippers and wrist curls but due to the nature of fighting your wrists must work at different angles and giving them extra attention will really help. For the wrist, try holding a weight plate with your fingers on the flat side and your thumb on top. Place your wrist, palm up on your knee or better yet on the edge of a table. Rotate your wrist so you move the plate in a circle, rotating in both directions. You will have to experiment for a weight that suits you but don’t make it easy.

For leverage, find something heavy like a sledge hammer. Hold your arm at your side and just rotate the hammer upwards then lower back down using only your wrist. You can adjust your grip up and down the handle to make it easier or harder. If you do not have a sledge hammer you can try something else, like a long 2 x 4 or broom. For a variation hold your arm out in front of you and rotate the weight in circles using only your wrist.

For most people the wrist is the weaker area of the arm, if you can strengthen this you will be way ahead of the compitition. Having a stronger wrist will really show it’s benefit when you start doing twisting motions and you are still able to hang on.

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