Any sport that uses any amount of gripping and pulling will benefit from a strong grip. Grip strength can be divided into three categories; Pinch grip, Support grip and Crushing grip. There are numerous exercises that can be used to improve the muscles in these three types of grips and you should take advantage of as many as you can. A good variety of exercises will help develop the hands and forearms from all angles.

The pinch grip is the ability to squeeze inward with the thumb and fingers and can be exercised by holding heavy objects between the fingers. An example would be pinching two barbell plates together and squeezing them till you have to let go. To go with a heavier weight than you can grip, try negatives, apply a pinch grip to plates and assist lifting it with other hand. After lifting, let go with the other hand and attempt to hold on till the plates touch the floor.

The support grip would be the same as holding onto something. The farmers walk, where you carry something heavy in each hand would be an example exercise for this. This exercise not only develops the hands but also other supporting muscles in the body.

The crushing grip is the strength you would use as if you were shaking hands with someone. The more popular way to train the crushing grip is the hand gripper. You can work out with the grippers for reps and sets and do forced reps. Forced reps are done with a gripper you may not be able to normally close, use your other hand to help closing it then slowly let it open or hold it closed for about five seconds.

Again, be sure to exercise each type of grip strength so you do not develop a muscle imbalance. You want your forearms and hands to develop properly to take full advantage of each and every tendon and muscle.

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