Aloha Sir;

I appreciate you taking your time from your busy schedule of developing and marketing this unique nutritional supplement.

Sensei Ron Quaranta: Thank you very much. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Rick: May I call you Ron sir?

Sensei Ron Quaranta: Certainly!

Rick: What is your martial arts background Ron?

Ron: I have been a avid student and teacher of Aikido for almost 15 years.

Rick: As I understand it, you created this vitamin from scratch is that right?

Ron: Correct. What we did specifically was to research the vitamins and nutrients needed to meet the physical and mental requirements for martial artists and MMA enthusiasts. Working in conjunction with a scientific development team, a select group of these vitamins and nutrients were chosen that represent the best combination for muscle recovery, flexibility, joint health and mental focus.

Rick: Did you have any personal motivation to develop this vitamin?

Ron: Absolutely! Over time I noticed that as much as I loved the practice of Aikido, recovery time and muscle repair took longer and my flexibility was declining. These are ultimately all the result of natural processes, including aging. But what I realized was that diet and exercise were simply not meeting the needs my body had as I pursued the art. What I lacked was a supplement that made those vitamins and nutrients available to my body and mind, and could act as a supplement to a healthy diet and exercise. As I did my research, I simply could not find a single solution to this need. Thus Budo Nutrition was born.

Rick: What motivated you to release this martial arts vitamin to the public?

Ron: I have been meeting with literally hundreds of fellow martial artists across many disciplines for the past 15 years, and communicating with hundreds more by phone and email as well. The results of those conversations were all very much the same. The majority were experiencing the same tightness, muscle soreness and other symptoms that I was. In addition, many were either not using any supplements, or were using so many different supplements and vitamins that they often couldn’t keep track. In addition, the cost of all of these supplements can be quite high. So that’s when we realized that there is a public need for something like Budo Power tablets to the wider martial arts community.

Rick: On a personal note, did it take a while for your family to get on board with your vision?

Ron: A bit, but not too long. My wife and family are all very supportive of what we are trying to accomplish with Budo Nutrition. I will tell you that starting and running a new business makes for some long nights! But overall it’s very fulfilling.

Rick: How long did it take you to develop this supplement?

Ron: The Budo Power tablets were the result of over one years worth of research and prototype development.

Rick: I’ve been in martial arts a little over 36 years as of this interview. I have a bad left knee and have used the chondroitin formulas before, but I began noticing my left knee starting to tighten up and feel better after just two days of taking your supplement, have others reported these amazing results or am I a rare case?

Ron: Results vary, but yours is a fairly typical case. What you’ll find is that the Budo Power tablets are formulated in sufficient doses to realize relatively quick physical and mental benefit. In addition, the tablets and dosages are designed to make for a steady flow of these nutrients throughout the body over time.

Rick: What types of other benefits have been reported to you by martial artists taking Budo supplements?

Ron: That’s a great question Rick. One thing specifically that Budo Power users are reporting is an enhanced sense of mental clarity and focus. Now clearly Budo Power is not meant to be a “brain booster” or one of the other mental enhancers which we are all hearing more about. However in our formulation it was important to add compounds that aided not just the physical aspects of martial art practitioners. Many practitioners work full time or are full time students that attend or teach class during evenings or weekends. But after a long day or busy week it is sometimes difficult to find the focus you need to grow in your martial art. So the research team specifically formulated Budo Power tablets with natural substances known for their ability to aid in concentration and focus.

Rick: Ron this sounds like a great product and I am truly honored you have allowed me not only to interview but to represent your creation as well.

Note From Rick

Because I believe in this product so much, with your permission I’m going to offer anyone who orders a bottle of Budo Supplements for Martial Artists and MMA fighters from this link – A FREE copy of My Own Book Solo Martial Arts Drills which sells online normally for $9.00?

May I have your permission to offer this to our readers Ron?

Ron: Absolutely Rick, we would be honored.

Rick: Ron once again I thank you for both your time and your dedication to your fellow martial artists in trying to help all of us martial artists and MMA fighters be the best that we can be.

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