Karate is a well-known form of martial arts which is believed to hail from China. The word “kara” stands for ‘open’, and the “te” means ‘hand’. Learners of this form of fighting make best in use of footwork, as well as various postures and punching techniques in relation with proper placements of the feet.

Being an ancient form of martial arts, Karate is very useful as you can ensure your safety without any possible help.  The concepts of Karate focus mainly on movements of the body, different postures and sequence of motion. This art form mainly concentrates on the physical aspect of the art. Most common posturing may include blocking, throwing opponent, punching, striking joints and locking opponents in a hold.

This art form is developed in the Eastern region with the use of various sorts of training equipments. Japanese students and trainers use “hoja undo” to help learners and trainers to concentrate on techniques of this form of fighting. Equipments such as nigiri game, chi-ishi, makiwara use weights and different grips in order to develop the strength and energy of the body. In this art form, students and learners are well taught how to build strength and tackle challenges. Karate also helps students and learns to gain maturity and generate the ability to face new challenges every day. The thrust of this art form teach students and learners to grow as a tough person who can face any kind of difficulty level. Karate can be termed as a personality development source that helps a person to enjoy a better way of living.

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