Rest pause training is a style of training for FAST workouts where you limit the rest period between sets of an exercise.  You take a weight that you can perform 8-10 good reps and use this weight for all of your sets with that exercise. By limiting the rest between sets you never fully recover (metabolically or neurologically) before your next attempt.  A high lactic acid environment is created and when this happens natural growth hormone is released.  Boom – you get big muscle growth!


This training is not for the BS trainee.  It takes a TON of intensity and you have to be mentally tough.  But the rewards are HUGE.  Also, rest pause training is very neurologically taxing, i.e., it will mess you up.  Make sure during your downtime you are recovering and preparing for the next workout.

Now, you have NO more excuses for skipping a workout because Rest Pause workouts take very little time!  Your workout will be cut literally in half.

How to Rest Pause

Rest Period:  10-25 seconds

Load:  8-10 RM

Hit the first set for 8 reps, wait 10-25 seconds, pick up the same weight and hit is again for as many reps as possible.  Wait 10-25 seconds, go again.  Repeat this for 4-5 attempts.

Count up the total reps you did and have your partner try to beat it.  Or, you try to beat the reps next time you repeat the workout.

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Two Killer Rest Pause Workouts

Workout 1:

1) 3-5 RM Log Clean & Press (or barbell military press or bench press)
2) Elite Giant EZ Curl Bar JM Press, Rest Pause
3) Elite Swiss Bar Power Front Raises, Rest Pause
4) Seated Rows with Towels, Rest Pause
5) Elite Swiss Bar Curls, Rest Pause

Workout 2:

1)  Power Snatches with Axle, 6×3 (or use regular barbell, or db snatches)
2)  Deadlifts, 5×5
3)  Seated Axle Military Press, Rest Pause
4)  T-bar Rows with Towels, Rest Pause
5)  Back Extensions, 3×10
6)  Tricep Press downs with towel, 4×10

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