If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have said the wrong thing to someone bigger or stronger then you or you find yourself in a situation where you are being mugged follow these 5 self defense techniques to stay alive and become a fighter using these specialized martial arts tips!

Learn martial arts tips #1 – The stuff you see in movies isn’t real fighting. The goal in a fight is to use techniques that can injure and stop the fight from progressing. Don’t think fancy flying kicks or stuff you see in the movies will work in real life. Keep it simple.

Learn self defense tactics #2 – If they have a weapon do what you have to do to stay alive. If it means cancelling a couple of credit cards and losing $20 in your wallet to stay alive and not stabbed or shot by all means do it!

Learn martial arts tips #3 – Before you can perform a self defense technique you need a calm mind. You need to practice sparring and fighting in the dojo or with friends to be able to stay calm and focused with fists and kicks flying at you at all times. Staying calm will help you defend yourself and win the fight.

Learn self defense tactics #4 – Getting hit isn’t a big deal. Unless if you panic or don’t react with aggression you will be hit a lot more. Once again the importance comes into play with combat and being able to absorb strikes without getting scared is an essential self defense technique in it’s own right!

Learn martial arts tips #5 – There are no rules out on the streets. In my website I recommend you use any and all dirty fighting moves you know. Don’t think a referee or a police officer will arrive in time while you are being attacked. They won’t be there in most cases.

Always keep your hands up and use any and all dirty self defense tactics you know. You don’t want to use fancy moves or flashy stuff you use in the dojo. In combat any and all martial arts moves that work will help you end the encounter so you can stay alive.

Do whatever it takes to win the fight and end the violent situation. Use all the dirty fighting techniques you have ever learned, or know from experience that work. I also recommend if you are smaller, older or disabled, to carry a self defense tool with you at all times.

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