Today I will uncover 5 different points you should know about self defense fighting. These are real facts and cold hard truths when it comes to fighting. If you want to stay alive in an altercation here are some facts to help you win and stay alive.

Self defense street fighting #1 – If you are being threatened by a mugger holding a weapon and he wants your wallet, give it to him. It’s better to give a potentially violent person your money and credit cards you can cancel. Whats would be the point of trying a fancy knife disarm and then it not working?

Self defense street fighting #2
– The hyped martial arts stuff you see in Hollywood movies is not the real deal and has no base in real fights. One time I saw a guy try disarming another guy with a knife, using a flying sidekick. The flying sidekick guy just about died bleeding out on the street from a knife wound to the thigh. Movie fighting is fake.

Self defense street fight #3 – Being able to take strikes and kicks doesn’t always hurt. I recommend that you get out there with sparring gear and practice fighting and being hit by a friend or dojo student. Practice absorbing hits, taking shots, giving shots, and staying clear minded while being attacked with a lot of punches and kicks.

Self defense street fighting #4 – The martial arts training you do acquire has to become memorized and easily applied. You need to be able to fight under a stressful situation of punches and kicks coming at you, but you need to learn how to stay zen calm and not get embroiled in fear or panic of being hurt.

Self defense street fighting #5
– Just because MMA events like UFC have rules and referees, don’t think it’s the same in a street fight. If you can bite your attackers ear do it! If you can kick him in the groin 10 times do it! If you can punch him in the throat or gouge out his eye by all means do it!

Remember that fancy martial arts and training you see in movies isn’t real. Avoid the fancy martial arts with lots of kicks and acrobatics because they will have no real self defense fighting elements in a real fight.

Another thing you must always remember, is to actively sparr and practice your combat. Also lift weights regularly and maintain being physically active so you can shed off unwanted pounds, and be more capable to fight in a life or death attack with deadly results!

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