Have you ever been watching martial arts movies and thought, “I can do that?” Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Jackie Chan make it all look so easy. They make it look like anyone can do it. I know it makes me want to do flying kicks off walls and jump through ladders, but these guys are trained professionals. What they do is very dangerous.

 Let me give you 3 reasons why imitating these professionals can land you in the hospital or the cemetery.

 #1 The Martial Arts Movies Focus on High Jumps and Kicks

While the fast paced movies love the high flying kicks, in real life they are hard to land and pose serious risk. Spin kicks require precision and split second timing. If you don’t know how to land when falling, then you are asking to be hurt. Ask any stunt man about falling. They will tell you that falling is serious business. The ground comes quick and hard. It offers no forgiveness. Don’t try this at home folks.

 #2 Movie Fights are Choreographed

In the movies the fighters know what will happen. In real life, you don’t know what your opponent will do. Movie fights are choreographed and bodily harm is not a problem. However, street fighting is dangerous and anything can happen. Trying movie tactics in a street fight is never a good idea as it could be quite dangerous.

 #3 Movie Fights Use Spectacular Moves

Martial artists go into movies knowing proper techniques. Then, when they begin a movie, proper technique is substituted with spectacular moves by directors for the benefit of the audience. Think about it. Do you really think that Bruce Lee would really opt to jump through a ladder in a real life fight? Of course not! But it does make for good movie watching.

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