When you start studying any kind of martial arts, you need to get suitable weapons to ease your learning. A number of martial arts supplies and equipments are used on a regular basis. The main type of gears are weapons, breaking boards, dojo mats, targets, uniforms, relative supplied and protective equipments.

When choosing the right weapons for the martial art, you need to be really very careful. The most common and traditional weapon category may include Japanese bow, or Yumi, a term that indicates both kinds of short and longbow. The traditional Yumi is made of laminated bamboo and generally shaped asymmetrically. However, modern bows have synthetically strings. According to books and historical sources, Yumi is used by fighters on horseback.

The next important supply is dojo mats. Anyone who is learning karate needs to use these mats. The cushion surface of these mat protect learners from getting injuries during the practice sessions. You can choose anything from standard, take down mats, grappling and other mats to absorb more impact than regular mats.

Breaking boards are mainly used while demonstrations where learners use a part of their body say for example hands or feet to break different objects such as bricks, boards and occasionally blocks of ice. In most cases, wooden breaking boards are used as they are traditional widely used and available in various sizes. Small boards are also available that can be designed for use by small kids who are started taking martial arts classes.

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