Sad to say, the martial arts are passed along by what I call the Stringular Method. This method is an incredibly inefficient methods of imparting data, and is actually on the level of Monkey see monkey do. This method is so slow that it can actually stop the transmission of data from teacher to student, yet it is used in every martial arts, from karate to kung fu.

To understand the impact of what I have just written, we must define the types of learning, and put them in a proper order. To do this will enable a student to learn faster. Ultimately, there are other things to be considered, but this factor, the methodology employed, is of vital importance.

The first method of learning I have labeled The Simple Datum Method. An animal is hungry, sees an apple, eats the apple, inputs data as to the future and proper dispensation of apples. Sadly, many people learn only on this level throughout the third world countries of the world.

The second method I have labeled the Stringular Method, and it is the memorization of random strings of data. This is the method by which children are taught to learn in countries lacking adequate methods of education. This is the method used in the martial arts, and, truth be told, it is nothing more than Monkey See Monkey Do.

The third category of learning I have called the Mosaic Method, and this is the method used to achieve enlightenment, such as it is. Simply, a person memorizes enough random strings of data to perceive a mental image. The image may be all messed in a variety of incredible ways, but it has been filled in enough for the person to envision, and thus he actually learns.

The fourth method is a modern method, and I have labeled it The Linear Method. The Linear Method entails the memorization of strings of logical data, and it was used to teach children in modern society up to recent times. Unfortunately, the method, even when it was used to good effect, ended with children, and advanced methods of learning were not cultivated.

The fifth method I have labeled Matrixing. In this method the data is linear, and the linearity is held to until a mosaic, not slanted nor skewed, is arrived at. This is an amazingly efficient method of teaching, and people who have experienced Matrixing begin to input by strings of logical mosaics, or matrices.

Animal to child to adult, thinking about to intuition, the learning methods evolve. There are many ways to consider the far reaching effects of what I have discovered in the field of education. The most important thing to be considered, however, is that the effects of Matrixing, profound and enlightening. are best achieved through a practice of the martial arts, specifically of Matrix Martial Arts. 

Al Case has studied martial arts forty+ years. A writer for the martial arts magazines, he wrote the column Case Histories in Inside Karate. He is the originator of Matrixing Technology, which method increases speed of learning in the martial arts. You will start to learn faster just by reading his free ebook, which is available at Monster Martial Arts.

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