Any kind of discomfiture in the footwear we use will lead to a lot of unrest in the mind until we take the shoes off.  And the same applies to men’s boxing shoes too.  As the sport calls for a lot of concentration and simultaneous line of attack on the opponent, boxers must see to it that all the boxing gear that they use including the boxing shoes is of the perfect make and gives them absolute comfort.  That is one of the prime reasons why Everlast boxing shoes have become a hit with both the men and women boxers.  

Everlast has a great variety under the men’s boxing shoes segment and it is for them to choose between the lo top boxing shoes or the hi-top boxing shoes.  Everlast boxing shoes are known for giving adequate breathing and vent for the feet so that sweat does not buildup quickly, during training or competition.  As boxing is a heat exuding activity from head to toe, sufficient aeration and cooling has to be provided and that is done efficiently and effectively through the breathable air vents that come with the lo top boxing shoes or any boxing shoes that come from Everlast.

The lo top boxing shoes come in pure leather manufactured with hi-tech rubber formula that provide the much required traction for training and combat sparring.  The rubber sole with the anti-slip pattern safeguards during aggressive kicking and swift footwork, and the heel counter, which is made out of molded thermo plastic, holds very securely the rear foot and facilitates lightening swiftness in footwork during the competition.

Coming in with the right comfort levels in the form of cushioning and shock absorption, the men’s boxing shoes from Everlast are a great investment for serious boxers as they last a very long time.

Dave Toub is a strong believer in Everlast boxing shoes and would never train with anything else. Please check out one of my favorite Mens boxing shoes and see the Punching Bags Pro Homepage if you are interested in other gear as well.

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