ixed Martial Arts is a relatively new sport that combines every type of martial arts imaginable.  The combination of elements, such as Karate, Judo, Tae Kwan Do, boxing and wrestling, create a hybrid that is described as full-contact hand-to-hand combat.

The sport of mixed martial arts started in the early 1990s under the brand of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and quickly gained popularity.  This sport is becoming more and more popular, especially in young adults, as it allows athletes of various martial arts backgrounds to compete with each other.

Mixed martial arts in Baltimore develop your health and body.  The training and discipline enrich your mind as well.  The sport allows techniques from many styles of martial arts with a common sense approach to training. Styles that can be incorporated are as follows:

  1. Kung Fu – a Chinese martial art that mimics movements from animals, history, legends and myths.  Some Kung Fu movements could be Five Animals, Drunken Boxing, Eagle Claw, Monkey, Mak Mei Pai, Praying Mantis and White Crane, among others.
  2. Muay Thai – this style is often referred to as the “art of Eight Limbs” because of the added number of strike points.
  3. Karate – originating in the Ruykyu Island, Karate is mostly a striking art using kicking, punching and one-handed hits.
  4. Boxing – this is a western sport of fighting with the fists.  Kickboxing takes it a step further by allowing trading boxing punches as well as martial arts style kicks above the belt.
  5. Judo – this sport originated in Japan and is a style of throws and grappling.
  6. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – focuses on ground fighting.  It presents the idea that a smaller person can defend against a bigger and stronger person using leverage and joint-locks and choke hold techniques.

The key to becoming a major player in mixed martial arts is practice.  It is not possible to rise to the top of the ranks if adequate hours are not put in at the gym or on the mat.  Smart training and practicing are imperative to being a successful mixed martial arts athlete.

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