When it comes to MMA Gear there are 2 main things you will need to consider: MMA Gloves and MMA Shin Guards. There are other necessary pieces of MMA gear too, like Mouth Piece, Groin protection and head gear. We will only be discussing the Hand and leg protection because there are different applications and the right MMA gear is crucial

MMA Gloves

When It comes to choosing what brand of MMA Gloves to purchase, there are a couple of key things to consider. What will you be using them for, how much are you willing to spend and how much does brand mean to you…

I tell my customers that when buying gloves to train with- go cheap. Why spend a fortune on gloves that will be used-up hitting a bag and get all sweaty?

MMA Shin Guards

In mixed martial arts, there are 3 major types of shin guards: Grappling, kickboxing or striking and muay thai. Muay thai and MMA are both striking styles, while muay thai guards are more padded.

Grappling shin guards are designed with padding in mind and also with staying on while rolling too. Grappling type have a tube or sock-like way of keeping them on.

The Muay Thai shin guards are built to take heavy hits. Down the front of the guard you will often find re-enforced padding. The method of keeping them on is not as emphasized as with the grappling type.

Striking style shin guards used in Kickboxing. Kickboxing shin guards are not as concerned with keeping the guard on when on the ground. One thing that still surprises me is this guards lack of re-enforcement along the front.

Find an Excellent MMA Gear Supplier

Some other Gear to consider are: A good mouth piece; a quality groin guard (don’t skimp here…); head protection; hand wraps; even a quality chest protector for stand-up training. And don’t forget a large gear bag to carry everything around in!
As an MMA fighter, it’s important to have all of this equipment or your career will be filled with injury after injury There are many places to find all of this MMA gear, but as struggling fighters, you don’t need to pay inflated prices for your gear.

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