Say three letters – MMA.  What immediately comes to mind?

I guess unless you’ve been spending the past several years hiding in a cave somewhere, the reply is easy – Mixed Martial Arts.

The fan base for this sport has been growing by leaps and bounds to a point where gate receipts for these events along with those for television pay-per-view programming have surpassed all records.  The leader in promoting and putting on these events for this booming industry is the UFC led by Dana White.

The question being asked by some: “Will MMA’s popularity start to fade as quickly as it made it to the top or will it flourish and continue to grow?”

Well the answer to that question can be seen by going online and googling anything related to MMA fashion, MMA clothing, or MMA culture.  The indications are that all of the MMA-related industry offerings present no signs of letting up.  MMA is now a global phenomenon.

From looking around online to find who has their focus on a combination of MMA clothing and MMA fashion, I’ve noticed that there are a number of sites specializing in this area.  If you also include MMA culture as part of the screening process, the list really narrows down quickly.

From what I’m seeing, has been at the forefront by providing insights and commentary on the explosive growth and popularity of all things MMA.  Everyday of the week, they published various features showing what the top stars of this sport are wearing both in the octagon and on the street.  The best thing about this site is that it has an abundance of useful information along with MMA industry insights.

Not really into fighting gear or wearing what your favorite fighters have been seen sporting on the boulevard?  Then it’s time to start a new hobby.  They also have features on a variety of items like collectibles and DVDs that MMA enthusiasts have been feverishly collecting for their kids if not for themselves.

Although it’s presented in blog format, this site is really very informative about the MMA industry and as a result, extremely popular with the MMA crowd.  Thanks to a Twitter feed, site visitors get and give the latest news about what’s happening in the world of MMA, the events, the clothing, the everything.

The only weakness I’ve found so far has to do with buying stuff through them.   You only have the option to place an order on any of their featured products when you go to the page showing the full product description.  I suppose in their wisdom, they prefer visitors to make informed buying decisions.

So it seems that unless somebody better comes along soon, they should continue to be one of the better sources around for information and products on MMA.

And now I’d like to move onto an unrelated point of discussion that has been inflicting financial pain on people over the past 18 months, namely the stock market.  If your portfolio has been taking a beating and you want to fight back, help is available to you.

Recently I launched a website.  Its purpose is to help individuals to better understand the stock market.  This is achieved by presenting often-accessed stock market keyword terms with corresponding links to pertinent information and explanations of each of the keyword terms.  And if those explanations aren’t enough, for each keyword term presented, there’s an advanced search option that offers you a choice of using Google, bing and Yahoo! to locate additional information about the topic.

One week after going live in September, this site was ranked #1 in search results displayed by the major search engine sites like Google, Yahoo!, etc.  Read the news article posted on the site.

Everyday, Monday through Friday, there’s a new company featured with links to some of the most popular online providers of free stock market information found over the web.  And as a bonus, five useful stock market metadata reports on each of the featured companies are included.

To help people better understand the arrays of information presented within each of these reports, links are included to different pages within the site.  They describe the report contents in detail along with a showing a variety of examples of how metadata can be used to develop both investing and trading strategies.  All this is done in a clear and simple way to help you understand metadata and to use its principles.

Go through the site and something becomes very apparent.  There’s no advertising, no affiliate marketing schemes, and no products or services being offered.  That’s correct.  I built this site with two objectives in mind:

  1. Rank high with the search engines
  2. Rank high with Alexa

So far I attained my first objective.  And with your help it won’t be long before the second objective is reached.  To do this, I ask you to spread the word about the site and have people visit it.  Each new visitor that comes to the site helps raise the site’s Alexa ranking.

In closing there’s only one more favor I can ask of you  If you’re interested in helping this site grow and offer quality content, I need your help. Volunteers position are now being offered to qualified candidates.

So if you’re interested in writing, editing or proof-reading and you want to help, please go to the site, click the Volunteer button, and fill out the form.  Somebody will be in contact with you.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Stan Pokutylowicz is the Systems Architect and site-design specialist at and can be reached at

Being a senior Information Technology consultant, Stan has been providing his services to major industry sectors (automobile manufacturing, airplane manufacturing, banking, engineering, food production, pharmaceuticals, rail transportation, telecommunications, etc.) across North America. He is recognized as a methodology expert (SDLC and PMM) and has both taught and coached IT project teams and members the skills they need to deliver results, on time and within budget.

Since viewing his first MMA event several years ago, Stan has become a true fan of the sport. Some of his favorite competitors include Randy Couture (Captain America), BJ Penn (The Prodigy) and Georges (Rush) St-Pierre.

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