Natural Balance Dog Food

Natural Balance Dog Foods is a Yankee commercial pet food manufacturer found in Pacoima, California US and it was established in 1989 by hollywood actor Dick wagon Patten. The company markets its pet food products as’Food For a Lifetime’ and promotes itself as having’the finest food you can buy for your pet.’

Natural Balance Dog Food

According to wagon Patten, all beef in Natural Balance is human-grade USDA approved, all ingredients are grown in the U. S. and all grains used in the food are certified free from genetically modified organisms. Natural Balance products also exclude beef spinoffs, synthetic colors, tastes and preservatives such as Ethoxyquin, BHA, and BHT. However, latterly much of the literature referring to ingredients being made in the usa have been removed from packaging, brochures and the FAQ section of their web site.

Natural Balance Pet food formulas

Natural Balance has a big variety of both dog and cat formulas in dry or canned form. Product offering includes reduced calorie, low allergy and vegetarian ( for dogs ) formulations. Other products includes fresh dog food rolls. A chicken based organic product named’Organic Formulas’ is certificated organic by independent body Oregon Tilth.

Natural Balance Pet Food Zoological formulas

Natural Balance is a member of association of Zoos & Aquariums and has created zoological products which are specially for carnivores in zoos and wild animal parks and not sold to the general public. These foods were developed by Director of Zoological Product Research & Development Dr. Martin R. Dinnes, a founding member of the Yankee school of Zoological Medicine.

Natural Balance’s Zoological formulas are used by many Zoos acroos the states, among them some of the prominent are Big pussy Rescue, Tippi Hedren’s Shambala Preserve, Toledo Zoo, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park and SeaWorld

Natural Balance Dog Food is the sector leader in the premium dog food product segment and was employed by many dog owners to treat their dog as one of the member of their family. The rationale behind the successful market leadership of Natural Balance dog is they stick to their motto’ Food for life’. The include ingredient that are high in standard and also rich in proteins and minerals and the truth that pet feed with Natural Balance Dog food live longer than the normal dog which is feed with commonly available inexpensive dog foods.

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