At the heart of the martial arts, though I have never seen nor heard of it discussed, is the ability to make beams. I say beams, and I include tractor or pressor or any other kind of beam. A beam refers to a line, though it need not be a line, of energy that is exuded from the body of the martial artist.


It can be said that your martial art is not a true martial art unless it builds the ability to create a beam of energy at will. Most martial practices on planet earth are aimed towards building muscle, or the shabby excuse of energizing body parts. The purpose of this article is to awaken the reader to the potential of creating beams of energy.


The first thing to be lesrned is that the body is nothing more than a machine.  It is an organic machine constructed of meat and bone and various linking systems. Indeed, to the person unused to a body, it can resemble a Rubic’s cube, though, in fact, it is very simple to use.


To use the body as a beam generator one must practice classical forms, and understand the value of classical stances. To practice the classical stances requires work, which work necessitates the creation of energy in the Tan Tien, which is the one point, which is nothing more than an energy generator on a body/machine level. This work should be augmented by breathing in accordance with the expansion or contraction of the body.


To stance, to work, to breath, to concentrate awareness along the path of the arms, to imagine. It is imagination that sets us apart from the beasts, and it is imagination that is necessary to create the idea of a beam of energy coming out of the body. You must practice until the mind is calm and then it will be able to imagine.


To test your ability to beam it is necessary to use a simple and often over looked gimmick. Set up a candle and face it, punch, and stop your fist an inch from the flame. Do not trick flick the flame by leaving the line of the beam, but focus, and keep the line of the beam as straight as possible.


Over time, and as you succeed, stop your fist two inches from the flame, then three. Build up distance until you can punch it from across the room and put out the flame. Eventually you will be able to merely look at the flame and make it go out, but this is going to require great patience and desire.


There are those that laugh and such practices as detailed here are of little importance, and there are those who will not persist, but seek the instant gratification of simple fighting. Then there are those who will discover the depths of their being through this simple exercise. The difference between the two is faith, belief in yourself, and the desire to awaken your true abilities, and thus awaken yourself. 

Al Case has over 40 years experience in the martial arts. A professional writer for the martial arts magazines, he is the developer of Matrixing Technology and Neutronics. You can view his work at MonsterMartialArts.com

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