I just wanted to share some information about how a simple system of self defense that can be used to protect your self and your loved ones. Today I want to talk about using your open hand to defend your self against someone trying to do you harm. What do I mean when I say using your open hand? For starters, I am talking about the palm of your hand.

Turn your right hand over and look at it. The bottom of your hand or palm can be turned into a defensive weapon to create some space between yourself and the aggressor so you can get away or call for help.

Do you remember when you had the answer to a question in class? Your hand just shot up straight into the air with all your enthusiasm. Well that same motion can be turned into a defensive technique employed to let that “evil doer” know they picked on the wrong person.

Imagine if someone was coming right at you, reaching out to grab you or something on you. This is where the unaware just freeze like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. Through self-defense training, we convert inaction into a quick decisive movement so you live to see another day and your attacker thinks twice before doing something without the benefit of intellect.

There are many other ways to use knowledge of your own body and the element of surprise to shock your attacker, but hopefully the information you’ve just read will suffice for now.

I just thought you should know.  By the way, if you are like me and like gadgets and other products be sure to visit www.GotMyDefenseGear.com.  We have a solutions for you.

As a decorated 10 year US Air Force veteran with martial arts training from all around the world … and being an instructor in Jujitsu … I want to help.

Taking all my years of martial arts training, combined with the training and knowledge I have as a certified instructor from The Family Safety and Self Defense Institute, I distilled only those techniques that really work into a system of simple — yet effective — techniques that anyone can learn.

I then created Excellent Solutions in Safety to help men, women and children learn these simple techniques, thereby making you more prepared if an attack should ever occur.

In today’s society, it has become more important than ever to know how to protect yourself, and whether you learn with Xcellent Solutions, or with someone else, knowing how to protect yourself is a MUST!


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