The most popular punching bags are the hanging bags. This is true for several reasons, but most likely the biggest reason is the price and convenience. They are not that expensive and are pretty simple to install. Generally, support chains and swivels are included with the bags. Sometimes they come with a bottom ring if you want to tie them down to the floor – This gives you added support.

Leather, canvas or vinyl are the materials that punching bags are made from. They also come in several different weights. These are thirty pounds, fifty pounds, sixty five pounds, seventy five pounds, one hundred pounds and one hundred and fifty pounds. While the thirty and fifty pound bags are designed primarily for children, many people who practice traditional martial arts may use them to do hand training. The sixty five and seventy five pound bags are the ones most popular with adults who want something for both hand strikes and foot strikes. For those who are kicking specialists and heavy hitters, the one hundred pound bags work well. Thai boxers most often choose one hundred fifty pound punching bags. While popular, they are also rather costly running from $200 – $300 to start.

The best way to figure out which of the bags is going to work out best for your personal situation is to speak with an expert on the subject. A boxing trainer is an excellent source if you have access to one. Another great source is a martial arts shop. They typically carry everything you will need to become more well rounded in martial arts and this includes bags. Spending some time chatting with the personnel there will most likely provide all of the answers you need as well as making the best choice for your punching bag.

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