Shotokan Karate is a Karate style that was developed by Gichin Funakoshi and his son Gigo Funakoshi. The shotokan training can be divided into three broad parts: Kihon meaning basic. Kata which means patterns of moves or forms. Kumite meaning punches and kicks.

The moves in Kihon and Kata are deep long postures that make the movements powerful and make legs stronger. Because of its approach and training style Shotokan is considered ‘tough’ and ‘exterior’ martial arts. The beginners are trained in power, strength development and fast moves.

Kumite part of the Shotokan training is similar to Kihon and Kata training in the beginning but later adopts a more flexible approach compared to the kata and Kihon training.

Shotokan karate benefits its practitioners in numerous ways: Shotokan Karate enhances the hand eye coordination and body reflexes. This can help you improve your driving. For kids it is very effective in improving their sporting skills. It enhances the ability to concentrate. It helps the kids and adults alike in improving various aspects of life. Shotokan Karate is an excellent form of exercise not only to reduce weight but also to increase power and endurance. Shotokan Karate teaches you one of the most powerful martial arts style. This can help you defend yourself or your near and dear ones in hour of need. Shotokan Karate enthuses positive energy into the body, this improves the over mental and physical performance of Shotokan Karate practitioners in all areas of life.

Shotokan karate is very specialized karate style that can be taught well only by good Shotokan karate clubs. If you are looking for Shotokan karate clubs in Dudley make sure to choose the best. Here are some questions to ask before joining any Shotokan Karate club at Dudley:

Is the Shotokan Karate club enlisted with the local chamber of commerce or better business bureau?

What is frequency of the classes and cost per lesson? Prefer paying per lesson fee or month by month over a lump sum fee in the beginning. Does the Shotokan karate club have any affiliations? Affiliations play a vital part in ensuring the consistency in the method of teaching and advancement procedure.

What is the primary emphasis of the Shotokan karate club? Is it competitive karate training or simple exercise? Are your shotokan karate goals in line with the focus of the Shotokan Karate club? It would not work out well if you want to do Shotokan karate for exercise while the main focus of the club is on competitive Shotokan Karate.

How are Instructors? How is your experience after interacting with the instructors and other students? Are they friendly, social and open?

How was your experience while watching the martial art training session?

Answers to the above questions will lead you the right Shotokan karate club that meets your expectation the best.

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