Karate is an interesting martial art that is very beneficial to the participants. It brings about positive changes in health and fitness, mental attitude, self discipline and self defense. It transforms a weak person into a much stronger person and enables the now stronger person harness his/her strength in positive ways.

The benefits of this form of training take place over a long period of time. This is what makes karate a very enjoyable sport. There is always a novel concept to learn. In terms of fitness and health, it enables the to individual harness stamina and increase suppleness. Preliminary training is characterized by warm-ups to enable the trainee to become familiar with characteristic martial arts movements including throws, kicks, punches and locks.

Karate does more than merely improve one’s physical wellbeing. It makes people nurture a very positive mental attitude and approach in life. It results in emotional maturity as well as a sense of calmness. For this reason, such people are able to make judgments very rationally and calmly even when under pressure. They exhibit a higher level of confidence than their counterparts who have not undergone any form of training.

In terms of self discipline, martial arts teachers will tell you that practice involving fighting techniques is not all you need in order to reach the mastery level. You have to be able to uphold the highest moral standards in your life. You should be able to handle your inadequacies and weaknesses in a manner that makes self-improvement a possibility. A classic example of this benefit is that which the Japanese Samurai adopted in which case each person had to be responsible for their actions and had to show respect to all.

European knights also observed a code of honor very closely associated with that of karate martial arts. These values might sometimes seem very archaic but they are a prerequisite if martial arts are to stay free of self-indulgence and sheer acts of brutality.

Basically, the core aim of karate is self defense. It improves the ability of the participants to self-defend against any form of physical attack. This is accomplished through accurate timing. It also improves your mobility speed and ability to strike accurately. Sparring is a technique that adequately prepares persons to face their opponents, thus enabling them get into the ‘adrenaline rush’ experience that is characteristic of a face-off with a fighter with more skills.

All instructors are obliged to teach more than merely the techniques. They should also teach the individuals on the importance of developing the right attitude. The training does more than developing your physical condition. It brings out a balanced person who is ready to tackle any challenges that will come his life’s way.

Children can reap many benefits from karate too. For instance, it makes introverted youngsters develop the qualities of extroverts. A shy person is able to overcome his shyness through yelling, kicking and punching drills. A worried child suddenly becomes very assertive and confident and is able to control his body with amazing agility. In other words, karate enables the child to compete with other youngsters in a very friendly environment.

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